QSST Boys Pass the Final Test with Flying Colours

first_imgOfficials: Luke McKenzieAnthony SmithLuke Saldern  By @JulianTFA – Sunshine Coast Stadium, QueenslandCakewalk. Procession. Clinical. These are just some of the words that come to mind looking back on the 2016 Harvey Norman NYC boys’ grand final and witnessing the onslaught from the repeat NYC champions snatching the match from their cousins (and brothers) from Central Queensland, 8-2.Unassailable. Unbeatable? These are some of the words to ponder looking forward; and considering just who can possibly match it with this dominant force from the northern state at this level?    QSST boys, take a bow. QSST Coach Jason Boyd, take your upcoming school holidays leave early.For the QSST and national 17’s Coach and Assistant School Principal, Boyd certainly schooled all comers at this event on the art of coaching at this level. He yet again delivered with his pupils another stern lesson and yet another stirring performance; studying-up hard on their opponents and passing the final exam with aplomb and flying colours.The way the team progressed through the event was peerless and with a hint of perfection having his team purring but peaking right when it mattered.“Winning two years in a row is a real credit to the boys,” Coach Boyd said.“From when we first selected the team in a very chilly Toowoomba, all the way through to today, they are a great group of boys that followed a great structure and did so well.“Each of the boys performed brilliantly; it was a full effort from all 15 out there. “The semi-final was a really tough one, as well as the grand-final, but the team was able perform to a level that was unsurpassable.” Ahem, another word for opponents to ponder.“We knew Sharks in the semi-final and Central Queensland in the final were tough competition; the NSW teams are always strong and both teams gave us great a game.“A few of these boys are in Year 11 so you will see them again next year, and they will form a very dangerous side I think, those that are returning.”You can almost hear the collective groan from other teams country-wide.A 5-1 score-line at half-time just like the earlier QSST girls final, had the all too familiar ring about it; with the engravers setting to work perhaps a little earlier than normal.The NYC MVP recipient Blake Moore was very prominent throughout this match and since the mid-week commencement. While he had plenty of friends, Blake can take now safely enjoy the bragging rights at the Moore household in Rockhampton, as younger brother, Aaron, watched on forlornly with his CQ teammates at his sibling’s heroics and the regular flow of touchdowns raining down upon them.  Kind of makes the breakfast conversation a little awkward tomorrow morning, doesn’t it?For Blake Moore and his merry band of QSST class-mates, they can reflect on another very successful campaign; again seeing off all comers at this event and again laying claim to rightful and deserving champions.“Pass the cornflakes could you please Aaron…oh, and my trophies there would you, mate?”For Aaron and his teammates though they can be well proud of a strong campaign and reaching the final match against a very strong QSST side and in hindsight, breezing past their Pool B opponents and NSW CHS in the semi.“Everybody wants to win of course but not everyone can do it,” Aaron (15) lamented post game with older brother, Blake (16) watching on.“You learn a lot from a loss, probably moreso than from a win. And I guess you reflect and get set for the next tournament,” he added.“I feel great though and the team aren’t too bad after the game. Second isn’t too bad I guess considering how well we went this week,” he said.There’s clearly not a lot of love lost between brothers with both having digs and smiling behind gritted teeth post-match but all in a good brotherly love kind of way. Both players play club together at Rockhampton with the Crushers club along with a few of the CQ teammates of Aaron.“It definitely will be I think,” Blake said pondering the breakfast catch-up with his bro and a slightly wider smile than his brother smarting across the table.“I’ll be the happier one in the family,” Blake laughed. “And Aaron, well…I think he and his team should be happy even though they came second.“For a regional team to progress to this point is incredible considering the competition.”And anything to recall from the match or during the run of play – on or off the ball?“Oh, he kept bulling me, every time I got the ball he tried to jam me,” Blake complained of his pesky little brother’s motives.“And the last one I tried to put my hand out and he pulled away and he got me for a no touch…but luckily the ref missed it!”“He’s too soft, he’s not hard enough,” came the cheeky and rapid retort from Moore junior.Game on, next year it seems.Score: QSST (8) Central Queensland Bulls (2)Scorers: QSST: Griffin (2), Fielding-Smith (1), Asi (1), Moore (1) and event MVP Winner, Van Zanden (1), Grant (1), Karaitiana (1)  CQ: Moore (1), Griffin (1).  Related LinksQSST Boys Pass Final Testlast_img

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