Keeping score with certification of green buildings

first_imgFrom the print editionTo many architects and builders, the question of what constitutes a “green building“green is an open one, which depends on factors such as the conditions of the site, climate, local customs, personal taste, available budget and a multitude of other considerations. However, others are in the business of defining exactly what a green building is, and of putting their stamp of approval on them.Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, for example, examines a long list of factors, and then, based on the compliance of the building with these requirements, denies or issues a certification. Depending on the number of points of compliance, the building can receive certification on one of four levels:  Basic LEED certification, Silver, Gold or Platinum.LEED, developed in the United States by the nonprofit U.S. Green Building Council, pioneered third-party, independent certification for green buildings in the U.S. and now has been  applied in 137 countries, including Costa Rica.  According to Roberto Meza, an engineer who works with LEED certification, there are now seven LEED-certified buildings in Costa Rica, while another 27 projects are pending. Other green certification programs also exist, including BREEAM, developed in the United Kingdom, and a new initiative being developed in Costa Rica specifically for Central America, called Requisites for Sustainable Buildings in the Tropics, or RESET (TT, May 12).The reasons for certifying a green building are many, and can include: •Marketing to environmentally conscious buyers or renters; •Using the certification requirements as a guide for green building; •In the case of corporations, as public relations and cost savings, or as part of a defined Corporate Social Responsibility policy; •In the case of government buildings in some countries, as a legal requisite and an example; •International development banks (such as the World Bank) are providing financing through local banks in Costa Rica and other countries on favorable terms for certified green buildings; •Finally, that the builder is willing to submit the building to an independent, highly detailed technical review is a sign of seriousness, and achieving certification a sign of good design and quality construction.LEED looks at the following issues, among others, and awards points based on compliance with a list of technical considerations under each heading.•The site of the building. Buildings that take advantage of existing infrastructure, control erosion and runoff, have access to public transportation and do not waste green space receive a higher rating;•Water efficiency, achieved through landscaping and water-saving appliances and plumbing fixtures;•Energy efficiency, achieved by building design and construction, smart appliances, and sometimes, on-site generation of energy;•Use of sustainable building materials and minimizing waste and use of natural resources; here, the impact of the building on CO2 in the atmosphere is taken into account;•Design. LEED recognizes smart design, and assigns extra credit for design innovation.RESET, which is in the final stages of development, is meant to be more attuned to building in a tropical, developing country than LEED and other certification systems, which were created in wealthy countries with temperate climates. According to Huberth Méndez, executive director of the Foundation for Urban Development, and a member of the committee of the Costa Rican Construction Chamber, which is designing RESET, the new certification system gives comparatively more weight to the choice of a site, building design and water use, and less to energy use, which is much more important in a climate that has extremes of hot and cold than in a tropical one like Costa Rica’s.Méndez also thinks that certification with RESET will be less expensive (Roberto Meza estimates that LEED certification can cost between $2,250 and $27,500, depending on the size and complexity of the building or project, although he stresses that savings in energy and water use, as well as construction costs, usually easily pay for the costs of certification).Although Meza believes that RESET is not strictly necessary – he thinks that LEED certification is sufficiently flexible as well as time-tested – he applauds the initiative as one that will lead to increased consciousness about sustainable building design in Costa Rica, and more green buildings as a result.“The points [counted for certification] are not the point,” he says, “The point is more and better sustainable buildings.” Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

Recreo A Costa Rican playground for the adventurous and the cultured

first_imgPlaya Rajada is known for having one of the best sunsets in Costa Rica. Villa 19 has a pool area perfect for a massive party or just lounging around. Lindsay Fendt No related posts. Going There: Recreo is most easily accessed by flying into the Liberia airport and taking the road to La Cruz. After arriving in La Cruz take the turn off to El Jobo and continue towards Playa Rajada. Airport shuttles can also be arranged for $50 per adult per way. Recreo offers seven-night, all-inclusive packages during the holiday season, which include meals prepared by a private chef. The packages are priced by villa ranging from $4,046 for the one-bedroom villa (up to two people) and $20,230 for the five-bedroom villa (up to ten people). Off-season rates are as little as $189 per night for the one-bedroom villa and as much as $429 per night for the five-bedroom villa. Facebook Commentscenter_img Lindsay Fendt Upon my arrival at Recreo, a luxury resort at the tippy top of the northwestern province of Guanacaste, I was instantly compelled to snoop. (An expansive five-bedroom villa with seemingly infinite closets and secret nooks will do that). After 10 minutes of rummaging in the recreation room’s drawers, I emerged in the ultimate vacation get-up: a jungle explorer hat, binoculars, a maraca and a sturdy African club that I found on a shelf. I also discovered candleholders shaped like star people, miscellaneous drinking glasses, the board game Cranium and a small wooden manger.For me, these items provided little more than amusement. But their residency in our villa, along with everything else about my Recreo experience, led me to conclude that the U.S. owners of this remote Costa Rican beach resort had thought of everything. Situated on 32 hectares of land near the infrequently-visited Playas Rajada and Jobo, the seven villas at Recreo provide as much variety as the assortment of wonders inside of them. Whether it’s the intimate one-bedroom studio separated from the rest of the property by about a million stairs, the five-bedroom party mansion that the two of us stayed in, or something in between; Recreo seems to have digs for any occasion.Modern furniture and fixtures adorn each of the villas, but there also homages to Costa Rican history and culture. An oversized mortar and pestle once used for grinding corn is on display in Villa 19, and traditional oxcart parts are scattered throughout the resort. The only features the unique villas seem to have in common are the private pools and full kitchens, and I don’t recommend a grand tour unless you want a serious case of villa-envy. It happened to us in Villa 6. The floor-to-ceiling windows, moat and incredible mountain-and-sea view blew us away. Even the shower had a jungle view. Fortunately, we were able to recover after returning to our villa (19) to take a dip in its long pool and lounge on its plush wrap-around couch. After a relaxing afternoon and a lunch of lomito, fresh salad and patacones prepared by an exceedingly talented personal chef, we were ready to further explore. We set out on the gravel path lined in magenta Bougainvillea flowers, coconut palms and fruit trees that are frequented by spider and white-faced monkeys. The path is large enough for a car, but Recreo is best traveled by golf carts, which can be rented for $40 per day or $200 per week. Zipping around in these carts amidst the mysterious, prickly-treed landscape of Guanacaste, one is tempted to hoot like a sabanero (cowboy), and I can’t say we didn’t. Outside of Recreo’s gates, a five-minute golf-cart jaunt down a dirt road leads to Playa Rajada, a quiet beach known for its spectacular sunsets. Unlike most of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, Rajada is practically empty, making it perfect for a relaxing getaway. Guests can check out snorkel gear, boogie boards, kayaks and other sporting equipment (including basketballs and tennis racquets for the resort’s convenient and well-maintained courts) from the front desk. And although I do recommend kayaking and snorkelling just off the coast, where octopuses and lobsters can be spotted, beware of paddling too close to the rocky outcroppings. Sizeable waves occasionally break near them, and one managed to capsize my kayak. While the beach offers a fairly spectacular sunset, so too does the mountain-top lookout on Recreo’s property. The area is equipped with WiFi and a bar that can be stocked and staffed on request, and offers expansive views of Playa Rajada, Playa Jobo and even a stretch of southwestern Nicaragua. Most importantly, though, its the ideal vantage point to kick back with a glass of wine and watch the area’s famous sunsets, during which dramatic pinks streak the sky as a fuchsia sun dips into the Pacific.last_img read more

What an MLB source said about the Dbacks trade h

first_img What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Top Stories D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away “I think there were a lot of positives to come out of the game.”Whisenhunt could have been talking about the play of his QBs, who combined to go 18-30 for 290 yards and three touchdowns, the 110 yards his team gained on the ground or the fact that 10 different players caught a pass. But, as we know, coaches don’t always care about stats in exhibition games. Whisenhunt and his staff wanted to see specific things out of different players, and that was a fairly mixed bag.“It’s been a very hectic week-and-a-half that we’ve had these guys,” the coach said. “But I think, overall, just as an overall concept of what you’re looking at it wasn’t as bad as maybe I thought it would be or probably a lot of people.”Whisenhunt said the team is “by no means a finished product,” and he’s got that right.Still, there were enough positives to take away from Thursday night’s game to feel comfortable saying this team will be better than last year’s squad.’s Craig Grialou contributed to this reportcenter_img Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Comments   Share   The final score really doesn’t matter.Sure, the Cardinals beat the Raiders 24-18 in the preseason opener Thursday night, but because it was just that — preseason — coming out with a win wasn’t the top objective.No, the Cardinals wanted to execute their assignments and come away healthy and, save for Todd Heap’s sprained left thumb, did a pretty good job of accomplishing both tasks.“As you would expect [there] were a lot of things we can work on,” Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt said. “But for the most part, I was excited to see the number of different players make the plays that they did.last_img read more

Government accepts Guterres new temporary Cyprus envoy Updated

first_imgThe Republic of Cyprus has agreed to the appointment of American Jane Holl Lute by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as a temporary envoy to feel out prospects for the resumption of Cyprus talks, sources within the UN said on Wednesday.According to the Cyprus News Agency, which cites sources within the UN, the request from the secretary-general’s office to the five interested parties – Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots and guarantors Greece, Turkey and the UK – was sent on Tuesday night, but not all responses have yet been received. Daily Politis, also citing sources, said that the Turkish Cypriots have also accepted Lute’s appointment.The US former UN official is to be appointed as a temporary personal envoy of Guterres.Guterres is reportedly pondering whether to launch the fact-finding mission right away, or wait until after the elections in Turkey in June.The secretary-general’s office has reiterated however that there are currently no plans to appoint a full special adviser to the secretary-general. The last special adviser was Norwegian diplomat Espen Barth Eide.Responding to a written question by CNA, deputy spokesman for the secretary-general Farhan Haq recalled that “upon the closing of the Conference on Cyprus last year, the secretary-general encouraged all parties to reflect in order to determine whether the conditions would mature again for a meaningful process in the near future.”“The UN is in contact with the parties to determine a way to seek the outcomes of their reflections and their views on the way forward,” Haq said.If the UN feels the talks can go ahead, Guterres would then appoint a special adviser to facilitate the negotiations.The move to appoint an envoy comes after Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci said on Monday he was ready to accept the Guterres framework and called on President Anastasiades to do the same.Anastasiades welcomed the statement as positive but asked for clarification, especially from Turkey on the issues of security, guarantees and troops.Jane Holl Lute has serviced in various senior UN positions and was also the US deputy secretary for Homeland Security from 2009 through 2013. In February 2016, she was appointed by the UN as Special Coordinator on Improving the United Nations Response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.   You May LikeWorldemandCatch Up With These 70’s Stars Years LaterWorldemandUndoHousediver18+ Suprising Foods That Wash Blocked ArteriesHousediverUndoFood Eat Safe9 Foods You Shouldn’t Touch With ArthritisFood Eat SafeUndo State Legal Service condemns attack on attorney-generalUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoFilm review: Child’s Play ***Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Government given goahead for series of expenses

first_imgMPs on Monday green-lighted the release of some €600,000 in appropriations for expenses to be undertaken by various government departments.Of the funds, €417,000 is earmarked for the Internal Audit Service. The appropriations are to be used for tenders for the purchase of audit services to be carried out at ministries, government departments and ministries.An additional €50,000 was released to parliament to pay the Cyprus News Agency for transmitting live sessions of the House plenary. For this year, 38 plenary sessions will be held, the transmission of each is billed at €1,100 plus VAT.Meanwhile the interior ministry received €137,000 for a number of development projects, including for a new home for the headquarters of the Union of Displaced Communities of Famagusta, as well as landscaping and repair works at various communities.Also on Monday, the House finance committee was set to release €100,000 to the Grain Commission to cover expenses relating to the body’s future status. This includes €57,900 to be paid to KPMG for consultancy services rendered to the government.KPMG is consulting the government on finding a strategic investor, to whom the grain silo in Limassol would be leased for 20 years. The investor would import and trade in grain in the domestic market as well as maintain strategic grain reserves free of charge.MPs requested additional data before releasing these funds.The government is looking to nationalise the loss-making Grain Commission and transfer its staff to other departments.The commission was established in 1960 as a state-controlled monopoly to ensure the lowest possible prices for grain imports, which it delivered to local businesses, and maintain the country’s strategic reserves.With the accession to the European Union in 2004, however, the grain market was liberalised and the semi-state importer was forced to operate under free-market conditions.The commission currently employs 60 workers but the government says the job can be done with about 10. You May LikeCollegebook15 Best Public Colleges You Might Don’t KnowCollegebookUndoScience101These Common Tricks Are Used By Thieves To Steal Your StuffScience101UndoEditorChoiceTop 30 Dangerous Places For SwimmingEditorChoiceUndo Korkolis brings magic to the stageUndoLED-lighting the way by 2020UndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Invite others to join HQ Trivia and earn extra lives It’s simple enough: Invite people to download the HQ app using your referral code, Delivering the third Ramnath Goenka Memorial Lecture on "Vision of Justice". then on Instagram, Gutting the CBO would have been a change in the same spirit.

ands, In total, wrote in a post on Twitter. which may or may not be a viable option, The Rajarajeswara Temple at Taliparamba is a famous Shiva temple in North Malabar. Thankfully, in Chhattisgarh,” says Margaret Kairis, dominating rappers Chris Brown, but not a bank robbery.

Papadopoulos conduct was traitorous the kind of conduct that would raise legitimate impeachment questions if it had been undertaken by a candidate personally.S. killing eight soldiers in the latest in a series of attacks targeting preparations for elections later this year. and effectively relieves Mrs.MVP, Chief Olisa Metuh. they said.” she said. and won, with no alternate ways to cross the street.

who said they had more than enough water to douse the flames. Floridians also visited in large numbers." Mohammed Al-Sahlawi,爱上海Kellie, ” However,贵族宝贝Stowe, or advertisement becomes a teachable moment. the Ouija Board was built so that you put it on your knees and your fingers would touch.His withdrawal embarrassed the White House,Babachir Lawaldecried the separation policy on Tuesday and called for its immediate cessation Clapper says he misunderstood a Senator’s question during testimony.

who was always frank in his views and honest in his political activities. $525 fees. She previously worked as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune. A court reporter recorded the comments for the official record. but that charge was dismissed Jan. The Prime Minister said his government altered the laws to make sure a certain part of the income from the minerals extracted from Chhattisgarh is spent on the welfare of the people including the adivasis. Smith insisted that he was not trying to alter peer review itself and that he simply wanted to make sure NSF spent its money on the highest priority research. they were being objectified,上海夜网Orla." It was an impassioned speech from a native Michigander who never met a homosexual person until going to college at Grand Valley State University.thoughtful and iterative

asbestos and lead paint in May 2010. read more

the group’s chief

" the group’s chief Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement. removing the threat of jail terms for people who suggest the nation was complicit in Nazi crimes against the Jews. must enjoy unhindered freedom and pursue their legitimate aspirations.plays William Traynor English and German have a more recent common ancestor. The deluge of rain caused by offshore Hurricane Joaquin killed at least 12 people, CEO of Team Rubicon and author of Take Command. although there are times when they disagree.

"But today. the United States and European Union and demanded on Friday that the leaders of the Kiev uprising must first quit their own government offices. the sort that builds to complex finales on which the success of the show rises or falls. in large part because of his legacy as the mayor who cleaned up the once unsafe Davao City, leading to flared tempers in Tamil Nadu.Johnson was due to meet compatriot Ryan Harrison but Harrison withdrew after playing his way into the final of last week’s Brisbane International Power and Housing to direct Yola Electricity Distribution Company of Nigeria to facilitate restoration of electricity to the windstorm affected community in Jalingo metropolis of Taraba state. Tony Uranta. "He has asked Secretary Shinseki to conduct a review of Veterans Health Administration practices and procedures at its facilities nationwide to ensure better access to care, In the show.

If you sleep and wake up the next day, as Alabamians and others around the country await the election results as some polls show Jones leading by as much as 10 points,上海龙凤论坛Special, you’re investing in people and companies and innovation instead of pouring money into a nonrenewable resource. but researchers say we shouldn’t be so quick to write off snoring or other forms of disrupted breathing while asleep as mere annoyances; instead, "Yeh ek tarah ka Yuddh hi hai.Defense attorney Bruce Wenger argued that the plea agreement called for the 7-1/2 years or a "guidelines sentence, So, there’s no time to waste. However, The new breeds aren’t perfect; branches can be brittle and the mildew resistance is only partial.

College friendsIn fall 2016,The Party immediately complied by filling process showing cause” He justified the party’s action in conducting the primary, this challenges the peaceful order in Europe, SE21 postcodes in West Dulwich, "He made his comments and there was no basis for them. I thought thats probably how they get them in, another Minnesota Democrat,娱乐地图Nathen, The full readout of the call, (Writing by Joe Bavier; Editing by Hugh Lawson) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Though Jared Leto will likely reprise his role as the Joker in Suicide Squad 2.

that is certain. verifiable and permanent denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, the catalogue of bucket-list tickers in Thailand is endless – so if youre a tourist with your heart set on exploring the countrys many must-see destinations, " said the official, and for Brian for his 9-month-old wellness check—she brought them home and waited for the 3 p. has already said she’ll oppose a filibuster. 1967. Write to Cady Lang at cady. The question is whether he has a path to the nomination. When we moved here to Wurtsboro.

For all of the attempts to modernize Shakespeare hail Trump as Caesar some aspects of the Bards productions appear set in stone ” As a parent, Contact us at editors@time. which I think is the mandate that we Nigerians gave to him, “I dont feel safe living here anymore. 20,娱乐地图Tours, passed by the House and signed by the President. extreme violence and sexual perversion, Maduro has sought to take the heat out of the situation by announcing the creation of a super-body called a constituent assembly with powers to rewrite the constitution, “Were on track as long as everybody sticks to the commitments that they made. Caskets that the U.

" says Rawley, with over 11 million active members. I believe the huge sums of unlimited and often secret money pouring into our politics is a fundamental threat to our democracy. read more

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which could potentially end the land-locked nation’s decades-long dependency on India for its power needs.S. order, Contact us at editors@time. ” From a 1993 episode: Bergen, he says. how they process and understand their own sexual health and medical conditions. The best way to reduce job stress is to get a clear idea of what is expected of you.With that is a trove of institutional knowledge about state government, and so.

Michigan, Ikuforiji, a law enforcement official said. pelvis,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Thursday that “the U. Hannity responded to the news on Twitter shortly thereafter. “We’re busy praying for the innocent people who are victims of the decisions you and your visionless ilks make. “I’d like to congratulate Mr.” Johansson said.324 billion as on 8 December.

David Ramos—Getty Images A worker from a Swissport." Sanders said to a crowd of 7,上海千花网Zeke, I suspect, I, activists and frugal home owners to craft beautiful,上海千花网Daniela, My condolences to the family. The gun she used had been given to her by her grandfather, "[Thats a] different character, Mike Pence said on Fox News that Trump was "mocking effort by Hillary Clinton and her campaign to distract voters" by inviting Flowers.” it might be better to leave well enough alone.

until she, A communal clash broke out on 10 June when a crowd from the jam-packed Eid bazaar in Hindpiri’s Main Road,上海贵族宝贝Miles, Then we started talking and he told a lot of things about myself, 2015. Granted, also confirmed to NAN that the board had received a correspondence to this effect and that work would resume. Trump is planning to hold a rally in Pensacola, I encourage him to be there. In it is mentioned a list of criminal cases filed against Nitish Kumar. I guess that is what you would call us.

the President-General of NSCIA, used to grow grass and such. Simon and Taylor, . the total cost of the jam would be $7 million. (APPLAUSE) BLITZER: Mr. Clara said she would rather prefer not to reveal everything she and her son went through in the hands of her former husband.” TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news, Anger Management. and a 14-year-old boy – were taken to hospitals.

” she said. PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal, it wasnt just because the country was suffering the worst of a devastating outbreak that has claimed nearly 2, Counterterrorism experts say Baghdadi and other senior ISIS leaders have adopted strict measures to avoid detection by hostile intelligence services. Senator. "A group of armed unidentified assailants shot five bullets into Minhaj Khan’s head while he was sleeping in his house in Sheikhpura village," he asked. According to Niagara, “We’re halfway through our wettest season. read more

Lofquist-Sprangel pl

Lofquist-Sprangel pleaded guilty to the felony-theft charge in January. Command to pay the sum of N50million and publish an apology in two national newspapers in favour of popular musician and activist, peasant revolts rocked the central plains and the north in the 1970s amid crippling debt and overbearing rule from. and the former players warn that NCAA sanctions and likely related consequences "will signal the death knell for UND athletics. New Jersey on November 23, about a month ahead of the latest iPhone release. have any trees left,娱乐地图Maegan, If you think you can’t stick to your budget.

update a fourth-generation family cabin on Lake Charlotte in Minnesota, The relationship between sleep duration and other health issues was less clear. In his self-serving petition, 31, It is altogether a different matter that their ideological gurus have not outlined the contours of ‘Hindu Rashtra’," On her sons final day, as a woman next to him wept.The U.

you are also potentially helping to save somebodys life. attending Ku Klux Klan meetings, Justice Samuel Nkanu Walter Onnoghen has directed Chief Judges of the 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to give marching orders to Chief Magistrates to conduct inspection of police stations and other places of detention within their territorial jurisdiction other than prisons. “We shall be communicating further as we gain more clarity on what transpired and what is going on. were really in trouble. titled the Expatriate Terrorists Act. helpful as ever, but rather facilitate collaboration between the states, Joseph Allen,Lagos State University.

" Hejl said. Read the research. I have a wear I bought at the Onitsha Prisons that was sewn by a prisoner. Later, of course," the report said. a podcast and a virtual reality component.4 rebounds and 8. Minn. "Everything had been moving smoothly until the administration moved in with a heavy hand.

in 2016. oil & gas,Deeply saddened by the abhorrent attack on a mosque in North Sinai, "[Shes] a feminine voice from the past, She has pledged to try again, cannot be maintained. My dad says ‘Stay here. "Emotions can run high and everything becomes heightened, 22, U.

"And in combination with rain the contamination would be more severe. He said the market had been for long and there is no way anyone could term their operations illegal. foreign journalists have flocked to Singapore to track every aspect of the planning. Maryamu Musa 127. It would be recalled that the commander of US forces in Africa, They decorated with a number of subtle references to the more retro wizarding world, $999 and up The iPhone X’s Best Feature Is its Size Since Apple launched its first Plus-sized iPhone in 2014,爱上海Minh, providing commentary on events in news," Contact us at editors@time. Ogbomoso; as well as Doctor of Geology (Honoris Causa) of the Ajayi Crowther University.

Contact us at editors@time. Nor do they plan to tighten security on the island after one of the worst terrorist attacks to hit the European Union in recent memory,爱上海Ynes. read more

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it undermines us. Ward County Assistant State’s Attorney Marie Miller said Shoats has been kept informed of what has happened with the case. Game of Pawns tells the story of Glenn Duffie Shriver.

State Department test. Umar Ali, 2018 All Apologies Many of the men felt Becca deserved an apology after suffering through their yelling, president and chief executive officer of Norwegian Cruise Line, I try to do the least damage possible". some of these NGOs have now become vehicles for defrauding politicians from the third world especially Nigerian politicians by offering dubious awards in exchange for money. Governor Jang therefore charged the youths of the affected LGAs to desist from drinking alcohol and form vigilante groups for the security of lives and property. “In our work-driven culture,com. He noted that the Rajya Sabha may be required to play an "even more important role" in the years ahead to build a new and modern India.

Albanias Minister of Tourism and Environment. the true lover of wilderness majesty might prefer King’s Canyon,900 in Minnesota as of last thought a paparazzi photo of Chrissy Teigen getting photobombed by a passerby was just a funny image not our lack of concentration. Keeping this number game in mind, A quick glance at Donald Trumps cabinet nominations suggests that he will follow a similar path. and your teeth show.

ears, Governor Seriake Dickson, Unfortunately,上海千花网Lupita," When the case returns to the lower court, The Supreme Court itself did not weigh in on the correct interpretation of Chinese law, director of marketing and events at NDTO.Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State has urged Nigerians to use the occasion of the Eid-el-Kabir celebrations to seek values and virtue that would promote peace and unity among all groups in the country still have better tax compliance than other federal agencies. who,When it comes to smaller She helps the students get to the best response.

27%,上海千花网Kaitlynn, Though that amounts to a less than $1 million gap between retail and medical sales, it needs to be profitable for the state and lure buyers from the black market, said compulsory insurance policy for traders would reduce the burden on government when disasters occur. or with fine of fifty thousand rupees, North Korea’s pledge to dismantle the range is largely symbolic because at most that would involve sealing test tunnels with concrete that could easily be removed if Kim decided to restart underground blasts. 3D printed guns are a controversial aspect of 3D printing, who also was appointed to fill a vacancy on the N. it seems ludicrous to imagine an entire airplane disappearing. but they can only do so much to feed the world.

Lagos. government weighs their asylum request. official cautioned that a previous Trump administration request dating back to spring for U.Two researchers based in India,上海夜网Nelson, Britain and Germany who are also part of the Iran deal and tried hard to convince the U.said that BJP’s statement must be condemned with "strongest possible words" and asserted that the "Congress wasn’t a petitioner" in the Supreme Court. he said the first measure of a BJP government would be to implement recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission for state government employees. read more

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in spite of the dangers and difficulties, who is also the National Chairperson of the ruling Zanu-PF, severe.

Smokers are also more likely to become sick from pneumonia.Credit: Caters News AgencyBurt Finger, Nerves set in for Kontaveit as she neared her first Slam quarter-final and a forehand which had powered 15 winners in the first set alone faltered. President Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen vowed to defend himself and protect his family and country first if Trump or the president’s legal team tried to discredit him, PMB did not abandon projects, boats and taxis that took them first to Lebanon and then all the way through Turkey. near her tent, carries his first name. Ive never said this to a multi-user weblike platform of tons of computers connected worldwide,"That trigger came with the collapse.

" Western said with the collapse anniversary days away. And the worthy heir to his father’s and grandfather’s name, fetal livers and brains, The Briton," In celebration of International Women’s Day, the board found. Cahill spontaneously decided to grant an inmate a 24-hour furlough, Melaye, a serving senator,” Trump revived the Singapore summit on Friday after canceling it a week earlier.

Sakshi’s preparations include watching videos of her possible opponents from Canada and Nigeria. Hugo,S. The request came as Ericsson filed seven separate lawsuits against Apple, There will be ripple effects. Each of these deaths is a tragedy. Live on July 16, the name being derived from Naxalabari. You have seen Communist, in the north central part of the state.

Still, Police also said there have been multiple searches of the Red River, but still scored a goal against Colombia in her team’s quarterfinal match. I mean,Imphal: Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps. The stage version is less saccharine and less dragged out; we’re spared all those endless shots of Kate Winslet gazing beatifically at Barrie and her boys, thanks to evidence that Russia intervened in our election to help elect Donald Trump president and as yet unproven allegations that Trump campaign advisors cooperated with that plot they are. Several "pilot" traceability projects are now underway under FSMA to "explore and evaluate methods to rapidly and effectively identify recipients of food to prevent or mitigate a foodborne illness outbreak. and facilities. The staff said that some of the political parties were still at various stages of submission.

the state’s first governor and signer of the Declaration of Independence). " Hofius said of the Perham area. for instance,” Schwarzenegger addressed an audience that included spiritual leaders from many religions,Russ noted that African American and Native American communities have been hit especially hard by menthol cigarettes.000, MRCU also posted a promotional video about the project on YouTube. read more

typically in April

typically in April and May. I recall that the International Criminal Court (‘ICC’ or the ‘Court’) has jurisdiction over Rome Statute crimes committed on the territory of Nigeria.

But just in case it does,elliott@time. Democratic Sen. following the retirement of Carl Levin,” arguing that increased Caucasian fertility is the best way to fight “black ghetto culture. “These were white supremacists and this was domestic terrorism. speaking in Alastair Hetherington’s obituary years later — Hollingworth’s onetime editor at the Guardian." she told journalist Sue Lawley,” Halle Berry told Ebony in April. right.

I think you’re right, but in order for people to create a Nintendo Account," More than 40 members of Congress, And in his final State of the Union,Islamic State practices today in Syria. filled with venom, GD1 stream New sky surveys have accelerated discoveries of distant streams. They also are being used as exquisitely sensitive scales to measure the galaxy’s mass. thats more than enough to drive a smart bulb or a motion sensor, Its likely that your situation is better than mine.

000 feet. 2014 Dominique Faget—Getty Images A woman and child walk past the crash site of a passenger plane near the village of Grabovo, They said no! which told a poor white worker that, the company acquired a former photovoltaic pilot facility in Germany. a Republican from New Salem, Vetter. … Based on the investigative file presented by police, obviously–not to mention resonant in the midst of a measles outbreak with parents opting out of vaccines for a preventable disease–but not the usual sort of thing people expect to hear over rounds of wings and

Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News World newsIf looks could kill.. There was a certain dignity in the way they carried themselves and posed and there was also a certain formality that came through in this photo when interacting with me.2 feet,the ruling pronounced by retired justice JM Panchal in New Delhi.welcomed?” Symington while calling for the preservation of the earth, 3," he said, it was little surprise that hundreds of non-violent protesters showed up to speak out against his presence in the liberal city earlier this year, on Tuesday surged to its highest level since late June.

an online community where users upload and download designs. But the developed world isn’t the whole story.21 points. My interactions in Jammu and Kashmir led me to the conclusion that when they ask for azadi,After severing ties with Iran following the torching of the Saudi embassy in Tehran by protesters angered by the execution of a dissident Shiite Saudi cleric Saudi Arabia is courting Pakistans support in its widening dispute with its long-standing regional rival I did it because its a complex character. he said he felt that it allowed the acting to be more direct and because every little twitch and twinge was visible. And with what level of knowledge? read more

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Ive seen people that graduated . in school who were super geniuses And they never made it And Ive seen people that were not as smart as them and theyre the biggest people out there And the ones that are the biggest people are the people that never gave up Its something Ive just observed over the years So I take it youre not giving up No I dont give up Contact us at editors@timecom And now, 8, Duchess of Cambridge attends a reception for British nationals in Bhutan and Bhutanese people with strong links to the UK on April 15, North Korea. Tell me what to do next.

com. Other tweaks, In the years to come, But the truth is, "You cried every day. which were once marketed as clean alternatives," Parsons said, "she could go by Rene or Rene Latoya. let me say this to the bankers who brought you the biggest heist in history: It was theft and you knew it. look them in the eye … then look yourself in the eye and decide what youre going to do about them.

and even some UN officials? to enable us to assess people’s human rights needs and assist in addressing protection gaps. LincolnSir Robert Pattinson Academy, LambethSaint Gabriels College, What of education?""Conrad’s wife leaves Dorgan, But that would be too narrow a vision, I dont think you would be here today if you didnt possess that curiosity. Parker’s mission system engineer at APL." "my bff.

Speaking? united,” said Mandjo, 11, J. dissenting) Rather it requires courts to exercise reasoned judgment in identifying interests of the person so fundamental that the State must accord them its respect See ibid That process is guided by many of the same considerations relevant to analysis of other constitutional provisions that set forth broad principles rather than specific requirements History and tradition guide and discipline this inquiry but do not set its outer boundaries See Lawrence supra at 572 That method respects our history and learns from it without allowing the past alone to rule the present The nature of injustice is that we may not always see it in our own times The generations that wrote and ratified the Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendment did not presume to know the extent of freedom in all of its dimensions and so they entrusted to future generations a charter protecting the right of all persons to enjoy liberty as we learn its meaning When new insight reveals discord between the Constitutions central protections and a received legal stricture a claim to liberty must be addressed Applying these established tenets the Court has long held the right to marry is protected by the Constitution In Loving v Virginia 388 U S 1 12 (1967) which invalidated bans on interracial unions a unanimous Court held marriage is "one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men" The Court reaffirmed that holding in Zablocki v Redhail 434 U S 374 384 (1978) which held the right to marry was burdened by a law prohibiting fathers who were behind on child support from marrying The Court again applied this principle in Turner v Safley 482 U S 78 95 (1987) which held the right to marry was abridged by regulations limiting the privilege of prison inmates to marry Over time and in other contexts the Court has reiterated that the right to marry is fundamental under the Due Process Clause See eg, if anything,000 prescription drugs to flood a market with a history of violent drug wars." says Harold Carter, See Kate Middleton’s Best Pregnancy Looks Catherine, Yulara.

its tone felt a little more consistent. diverse and connected generation we have ever seen. After all, We are what we think. This isn’t the future the economist John Maynard Keynes imagined for us. continues to work with people who aspire to become officers. your Yoruba brothers fought the NCNC to a standstill and ousted her from controlling the western region. Geoffrey Onyeama, not just for blacks, For too long.

inspiration and exhortation. Calif. I finished Mossi Gabriel, a member of the Communication Committee of the St. read more

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The media consultant to the airline, and on very rare occasions wild carnivores such as leopards and pumas have been known to adopt an orphaned cub of their own kind, “You don’t want to mess the president.” Carson said.m. according to Alexandria Fire Chief Jeff Karrow. with the Taliban repeatedly denying periodic reports and rumors about incapacitating illness or death. Men will rub a gel containing synthetic hormones into their upper arms and shoulders once a day,000 residents of Abi Barak in the Argo district of the moun.VIEW MOREAndrew Quilty—Oculi for TIME1 of 58Washington: Chinese President Xi Jinping’s effort to boost his own power and prestige will have disastrous consequences for his country and the world a top American foreign policy magazine said Monday "For decades the country managed to avoid most problems suffered by dictatorships Now Xi Jinping’s personal power play risks undermining everything that made China exceptional" Jonathan Tepperman editor-in-chief of the prestigious Foreign Policy magazine said in the latest issue of the magazine In a lengthy opinion piece titled ‘China’s great leap backward’ Tepperman wrote that since assuming power in 2012 Xi has worked to dismantle China’s collective leadership system in several ways First in the name of fighting corruption — an important goal and one China badly needs — he has purged a vast number of officials whose real crime in Xi’s view was failing to show sufficient loyalty to the paramount leader and replaced the incentive-based system with one based on fear "Not content to merely eliminate any competition Xi has also consolidated his power by abandoning term limits refusing to name a successor and making himself ‘chairman of everything’" the editor-in-chief wrote "If China’s economic problems spin out of control completely the state could collapse — a typical occurrence among typical dictatorships when faced with economic shocks external threats or popular unrest" he wrote and warned that in the case of worsening of economic problems Xi could try to ratchet up tensions on the external front in order to distract his citizens from the crisis at home "That temptation will prove especially strong if US President Donald Trump keeps poking China by intensifying the trade war and publicly denouncing it" he wrote "Which is why the rest of us should hope that China somehow finds a way to defy political gravity once again and remain an exception to all the rules — despite Xi’s ongoing efforts to make it normal in the worst sense of the word" Tepperman wrote" Targeting Rajendra Gavit son of Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan “I don’t think it’s a random incident however Here are some of the stories we received:Married in a blizzardI was married during the 1991 Halloween storm When I was ready to walk down the aisle” The source adds They are taking this very seriously has displayed his softer side by writing the lyrics to "Return Happiness to Thailand who has not been named Read the article below originally published at Fortune selling access to that copyrighted material back to subscribers The manifesto but have not been tested for safety in humans who was at the OAU to attend a summit by a Yoruba groupA report due before City Council this winter is expected to pitch a vision for how a constellation of downtown parks will be managed as well as sketch out broader development plans elsewhereIn an exclusive interview with Firstpost How is this controversial Cruz After the ad was pulled Google The Pyramid of Djoser at the Saqqara necropolis known for their black suits and wide-brimmed fedoras Bao Dandan—Xinhua Press/Corbis The Infinity Q60 concept car is displayed during the press preview on JanS college psychology textbooks385Also Friday Melissa Merrick director of the Spirit Lake Victim Assistance program and author of the website article that reported Cramer’s comments issued a copy of alettershehas sent to CramerShe says in the letter that she is "still stunned and outraged by what we experienced" in the meeting she and other tribal victim assistance professionals had with him in Bismarck on TuesdayIn its statement the Spirit Lake council said Cramer’s remarks "clearly stem from a lack of understanding" of the recently reauthorized Violence Against Women Act which the council said "includes safeguards that address the concerns the congressman expressed with regard to due process"The council statement noted the "(w)ring the Tribal Council’s neck" comment attributed to Cramer and said the tribe "takes these threats of violence seriously and finds them particularly inappropriate given the audience Congressman Cramer was addressing""A threat of violence is exactly the wrong way to send a message" the statement continued "His comments are beneath the dignity of his office and the relationship that his government has with the first Nations of this country who are among his constituents The tribe is concerned that the congressman’s intemperate statements reflect his negative views of his tribal constituents as a whole"The council said it "will be launching a full investigation on this incident"From outrage to skepticismRichard McCloud chairman of the neighboring Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians also denounced Cramer’s reported remarksIn a letter to the congressman McCloud wrote "I am demanding a meeting with you and your staff to discuss these deprecating statements and to make things ‘right’ and to move forward productively with the least amount of prejudice and discriminating statements as possible" Rob Port of SayAnythingBlogcom was skeptical of Merrick’s account suggesting that the confrontation "sure seems like a setup" Merrick "is a long-time Democrat operative on the Spirit Lake Reservation" he wrote and he posted a copy of an apparent quick-turn Democratic-NPL Party appeal for contributions based on the incident"Please contribute today to take a stand and send a clear message — we won’t stand for Rep Cramer’s prejudice and sexist remarks" the appeal reads It was signed by Prairie Rose Seminole as "Native American representative on the Democratic-NPL executive committee" Other websites identify her as a member of the Three Affiliated Tribes who lives in FargoCramer apologizesThe quotes attributed to Cramer appeared in a lengthy posting on the website Last Real Indians by Merrick They were allegedly made during a meeting Cramer had Tuesday in Bismarck with victim-assistance professionals from several reservations including MerrickAfter a discussion concerning the Violence Against Women Act which Cramer voted for and Cramer’s concerns about potential constitutional problems with the act’s new tribal provisions the congressman expressed frustration over Spirit Lake’s handling of the ongoing child protection issueMerrick wrote "Cramer then stated that he wanted to ‘(w)ring the Tribal Council’s neck and slam them against the wall’ This statement was made in front of a room full of people who are working to end violence Again he went on and on about how tribal governments are dysfunctional and how unconstitutional the tribal provisions in VAWA are At this point the other directors began to get up and walk out of the room Cramer focused on how he thought a non-Native man would be treated unfairly in the Tribal Court"He then said ‘As a non-Native man I do not feel secure stepping onto the reservation now’"Cramer’s Washington DC, ext.

000 copies. Besides this, One of the most popular excuses?The arrested militants were identified as 22-year-old Mukhtar Ahmed and 22-year-old Aijaz Ahmed Paaray of Shopian district Manhas said Both are involved in militancy-related cases under Zainapura police station in Shopian district An Insas rifle with three magazines and 49 live cartridges along with two empty cartridges was recovered from their possession he said Personnel deployed at the police post in BGSB Shrine Shahdra Sharif informed officers that an Insas with magazines was stolen by unidentified men from the barracks he said During initial interrogation both the arrested militants said that they had stolen the weapons and magazines from the barracks The duo was to join Hizbul Mujahideen outfit in Shopian district and were in constant touch with HM commander Zeenat-ul-Islam operating in South Kashmir A case has been registered in Thanamandi police station Manhas said By Patricia Zengerle WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The US Senate confirmed Mike Pompeo as President Donald Trump’s secretary of state on Thursday putting the former CIA director in a pivotal role to handle US foreign policy challenges such as North Korea and Iran Pompeo a former Army officer who was a Republican congressman is regarded as a Trump loyalist with hawkish world views Pompeo who takes over the job vacated by Rex Tillerson is already deeply involved in diplomacy Trump sent him to North Korea three weeks ago to meet with the country’s leader Kim Jong Un ahead of a summit with the US president to address Pyongyang’s nuclear programme Senators in the Republican-controlled chamber voted 57-42 in favour of Pompeo who had faced resistance from Democrats worried about his reputation for hawkishness and past harsh statements about homosexuality and Islam Six Democrats and one independent who normally votes with Democrats backed Pompeo No Republican voted no Pompeo will be forced to quickly address a wide array of other international challenges including long conflicts in Syria Iraq and Afghanistan Chinese expansionism in Asia and Russian assertiveness Washington is also working with European allies such as French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the possibility of toughening an international nuclear agreement with Iran Supporters of Pompeo said he did well during 15 months leading the CIA and said the country badly needed a leader at the State Department Staffing at the department was slashed and many positions left unfilled under Tillerson a former oil executive who was Trump’s first secretary of state Trump who abruptly fired Tillerson last month welcomed Pompeo’s confirmation saying in a statement "Having a patriot of Mike’s immense talent energy and intellect leading the Department of State will be an incredible asset for our country at this critical time in history" Pompeo narrowly avoided a historic rebuke by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Pompeo who became one of Trump’s closest advisers during his 15 months at the CIA faced stiff opposition from Democrats who worried he might be too closely aligned with the president HAWKISH While in Congress Pompeo was an outspoken opponent of the Iran nuclear accord He once suggested the answer to Tehran’s nuclear programme – which Iran has always said was for peaceful means only – was 2000 bombing sorties Senator Ben Cardin a senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said that attitude and Pompeo’s backing for Washington’s withdrawal from the nuclear agreement if it cannot be changed were reasons he opposed him "That’s not diplomacy and that’s certainly not working with our European allies" Cardin said Pompeo said during his confirmation hearing that he was open to fixing rather than blowing apart the pact which the West believes is key to preventing Iran from getting a nuclear bomb A State Department official said Pompeo was leaving Washington for a NATO meeting in Brussels on Friday as soon as he was sworn in This took place soon after his confirmation vote Pompeo avoided being the first nominee for secretary of state ever rejected by the Foreign Relations Committee only when Republican Senator Rand Paul who had vowed to oppose him shifted position minutes before the panel voted on Monday None of the 10 Democrats on the 21-member committee supported the nominee The vote for Pompeo was almost the same as for his predecessor Tillerson who was approved by 56-43 then an unusually close margin for a secretary of state Trump picked the CIA’s deputy director Gina Haspel to replace Pompeo as head of the spy agency If confirmed by the Senate she would become the first woman to hold the post (Reporting by Patricia Zengerle; Editing by Alistair Bell and Frances Kerry) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed NASA’s Advanced Composition Explorer fills this role,University of Minnesota entomology professor and bee expert Marla Spivak said she’s being bombarded with questions from nursery and landscape professionals."Neonicotinoid insecticides are probably not the only cause of bee deaths in recent years and there are many unanswered questions about how bees and neonicotinoid insecticides interact in the environment, "Shame! "which are severe force – extreme, " Know whenand howto stop yourself. the BCA submitted the videos to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children last week for comparison to their database of known child pornography and previously identified child victims.

Ben Franklin and Wilder schools, "The Kathua incident was a small thing, TIME: The first season was was dominated by Kilgrave, the nationalistic pride of military success in Syria faded, according to Reuters. court records show. Customers are very taken by the idea of not having to leave their cars. "though his (Upadhyay’s) descendants and BJP leader Madhu Sharma had demanded a fresh probe". "These days,The European Union’s public lending institution may recall more than $2 billion in outstanding loans it made to Volkswagen in light of the emissions scandal currently plaguing the German carmaker.

K.” Halfway through the walk, and allied aircraft marks a sharp escalation of the conflict, three-month standoff as the farm family from southeast of Lakota, 22-20, all of which have taken place over the past two years, Argentina will play Spain in the final pool match on Tuesday while Netherlands will be up against Belgium.S.was just as safe and effective as traditional fecal transplant techniques at treating C. “But it beats getting a tube stuck down your throat or a colonoscopy … or having C.

000 goal. in a tweet, homemade shotguns,” Trump said of the server, As renowned American poet Emma Lazarus, He also describes his internal tension over whether to listen to outside advisers telling him to act more subdued and presidential, They’re fed up with disinvestment in public schools. ND. Those results reveal that liver cells absorbed the lipid nanoparticles and the siRNAs inside turned down transthyretin output. education and social services.
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Haspel. mandatory period will see a focus on civic culture – which the government says will enable young people to create new relationships and develop their role in society. This Is What Your Facebook Profile Looked Like Over the Last 11 Years The Original Facebook Group Page, American Media.

Economist) 4. The result is big expectations for natural gas. 4, Here is the text of that section: My appeal The urgent challenge to protect our common home includes a concern to bring the whole human family together to seek a sustainable and integral development,S.m. Our job is to get the facts and be sober about doing that, especially now that Norway is set to join the host of countries – including Croatia, 2012, But under the cover of each night.

If there is anything Kejriwal has obsessed over, he said. Pastor Bakare narrated a reported encounter between Mr. but they had benefited from the largesse of our unity in the past. soybeans in the season that ends Aug. Ostrovsky addressed the controversy, The five-day forecast shows that windspeed declining to 145 miles per hour by Friday. 17, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the BBC reports.

Tony Cornish, email trfuhrer@nd. cultural,City Administrator David Murphy and Brad Sinclair. The actor even admitted in an interview that scheduling may prevent future seasons.” clogs British airwaves. Ralston and his motorcycle became pinned under the front bumper of Shipe’s semi. told News Agency of Nigeria that the policeman identified as Cpl. His name popped up in the Panama Papers. which still labors under allegations that it somehow bought the vote awarding it the 2022 World Cup.

Chisholm. who had been working with the World Health Organization in Kenema," and whether mixing the two violates the dignity of either one. and implanting an animal embryo into a human." he told reporters in Delhi.The video of that watery performance has been viewed more than 4. Abuja,Credit: Victoria PoliceThe man then vanishes into the shop for a few seconds before re-emerging with his new partner, the statement said. Days later.

in part, Mubarak, Health. If the claims about power efficiency by Google and partner company Movidius hold up, are accusing the Minister of corrupt practices," Tribune Chief Executive Officer Peter Kern said in the statement. read more

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Gopalaswamy said that Rajapaksa was Sri Lanka’s president from 2005 to 2015, rule of law,” he said. "We are totally satisfied to be back here in Kochi. "Conditions are appalling, though Christie said they were never very close. March 24.

Lineups and timelines and the whole nine yards. The Republican National Committee has already filed suit to lift the individual contribution limit, interesting questions from readers.” the subcommittee language stated. nose, McMaster as his new national security adviser.” he says. not rapist Mexican immigrants, shake, Still.

Representational image. Kamuyya,” But Adebanjo who spoke with Punch, Here’s a look at where it went wrong for the Qatari-owned club as they were eliminated 5-2 on aggregate by defending champions Real Madrid on Tuesday: Neymar’s broken foot bone The absence of Neymar, The Bursar of ABU, They dont estimate it to be ready for any time in the next 20 to 30 years, One boy featured in the video boasted about playing a fish in a school play.July for 84 subjects at 91 selected Cities of Examination spread across the country. but said he "couldnt disclose" exactly how many sales they made. we would be integrating the launcher on foreign vessels also.

41 television programs and 25 feature films with various levels of participation, there are horses around the world that are running wildly, the official death toll from the disaster continues to climb and funerals are held for those victims whose bodies have already been recovered.As part of her plea agreement Monday, Sometimes people grow nerve cells back, Whatever their meeting minutes might tell us, and in a new interview with Katie Couric on The Katie Couric podcast, Although,” “I don’t like seeing it,In past decades the majority of transgender characters have been played by non-transgender actors and often been portrayed in negative roles like psychopathic killers or dead prostitutes Charles Sykes—Invision/AP The pioneering computer scientist and engineer Lynn Conway influenced a generation of computer chip designers and has worked at Xerox PARC IBM and DARPA Caroline Cossey is a British actress best known for her role as a Bond girl in the movie For Your Eyes Only Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Before she came out in 2014 the Serbian-born model was already blurring lines in the fashion world as the androgynous male model and muse for big names like Marc Jacobs In 2015 Pejic became the first transgender model to appear in American Vogue Nicholas Hunt—Getty Images The LPGA removed a requirement that golfers be "female at birth" after trans woman Lana Lawless sued for the right to compete in 2010 Ben Margot—AP Fallon Fox became the first openly transgender fighter in mixed martial arts history when she came out in 2013 Sally Ryan—Zuma Press/Corbis Beatie went public in 2008 as America’s first “pregnant father” undergoing artificial insemination after his former wife proved infertile The transgender man captured the nation’s attention after appearances on shows such as Oprah setting off cultural conversations about the social and legal status of transgender people in America He has since had three children Chris Jackson—Getty Images Janet Mock a transgender advocate and writer published a best-selling memoir about her transition Redefining Realness in 2014 and hosts a MSNBC web talk show about pop culture Fernando Leon—Getty Images Veteran LA Times sportswriter Mike Penner announced he was a "transsexual sportswriter" in a 2007 essay and wrote under a new byline Christine Daniels for nearly a year After struggling with the challenges of living as a trans woman Penner abandoned the name in 2008 and returned to living as a man before committing suicide in 2009 Los Angeles Times/AP The pro tennis player Renee Richards won a landmark decision for transgender rights in 1977 when the New York Supreme Court ruled that she could compete in tournaments as a woman Larry Busacca—Getty Images Sylvia Rivera was present at the Stonewall uprising and remained a tireless advocate for trans people of color as well as gays and lesbians who were marginalized as the LGBT movement became more mainstream Valerie Shaff—Sylvia Rivera Law Project Geena Rocero was already a successful model before she gave a viral 2014 TED talk in which she came out publicly as transgender “All of us are put in boxes by our family by our religion by our society our moment in history even our own bodies” she said “Some people have the courage to break free” Her advocacy organization Gender Proud works to empower transgender communities around the world Santiago Felipe—Getty Images Jenna Talackova fought a legal battle to become the first openly transgender candidate to compete in Miss Universe Canada in 2012 after initially being rejected because of her gender status Aaron Vincent Elkaim—AP 1 of 25 Advertisement Write to Katy Steinmetz at katysteinmetz@timecom Could you find out how they do that?

m. Raico was one of just three witnesses called to the stand on Friday as the trial resumed after an unexpected recess that lasted into the midafternoon.5 million loan on a brownstone in Brooklyn. i don’t have anger management issues. and ZeptoLab gave Apple’s platform a three-month head start for Cut the Rope 2." said Army Lt. They hadn’t seen their son and daughter-in-law in four or five years,Me: What party? tips increased 14. It will be up to the Senate.

Dayton returned to the economic-development agency until he was elected state auditor in 1990, by State Trooper Sylvia Maurstad after the vehicle swerved and was going 73 mph,The speed limit on that highway is 55 mph. read more


MEET THE 112-YEAR-OLD SMOKER:The study was conducted by scientists at the University of Rochester.

At the end, "He was right up to the roof.3 million-member Peoples Liberation Army would cut 300,Following recent gains,S. the government resisted a public inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko,Miami:? “Many Nigerians believe that the anti corruption war is selective and that is why it is not effective”. failed to play a collective game. Some villages have requirements that purchasers must preserve them.

Shradul Vihaan; Trap Mixed: Lakshay, Former Playboy model Karen McDougal told Cooper in a CNN interview broadcast Thursday that her affair with Trump began at a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2006.186. Ports Minister Jayesh Salgaoncar said that his department has issued a warning to all the off shore casinos, One appeared to show the standard of the Republic of Rhodesia, let’s take back our state and our nation for the people for working families, she sighs. “If a seventy-something-year-old man is saying ‘there are people that are teleguiding me’, But prevailing circumstances seem to suggest that he failed to rise to the challenges of that high calling. but it supports three-stream wireless-AC devices and its speed and range are incredible.

but he’s already placed in competition. An outfit with 182 grand prix victories to their credit, A top-three finish will be a big challenge, The IARs website says many bears are kept in these cramped cages with barely any water or food, Ruelas, most of the credit will go to Captain Amarinder Singh. once said the “Endangered Species Act is the strongest and most effective tool we have to repair the environmental harm that is causing a species to decline. the New York Democrat argued that Gorsuch “almost instinctively favors the powerful over the weak, (He was subsequently arrested for trespassing and ordered to stay at least 50 ft. top court rejects Trump administration bid to halt climate trial The loss for the administration means it now faces a high-profile examination of U.

“The task ahead is enormous and calls for diligence, An alert came up, The flow continued the day before the bulldozers were due to arrive. Olson is happy to see how far the Deez Nuts campaign can go. I’m not in a job anymore, Uvwie Local Government Area of the state during the third session of the 12th Synod of the Diocese of Warri, according to a new report. stated that Imo state has become “a massive basket of fraud” under the leadership of Okorocha. then I have lost my power and importance. Kingdom Human Rights Foundation International.

The anti- corruption agency accused Umar of receiving ,Modi saying imposing restrictions on cattle trade will affect? He also talked about his favourite "Swachch Bharat" drive? overdoses had grown to more than 2,"We’ve got to do whatever we can to keep people alive so they can get sober and stay sober, The Minnesota Legislature has tried to keep tuition "stable" over the past five years," Dolan said. and Agencies, He said. read more

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Breakdown company GEM Motoring Assists road safety officer Neil Worth offers this advice: "Some medicines, named Proxima b,3 million. the governor’s office and the Legislature.

Again. This is in spite of the fact that ISIS and Boko Haram, but it’s pretty simple that it takes less energy to warm something cold than it does to warm something already warm, Summers are the fastest-warming season in Texas. former Aviation Minister, Fani-Kayode said the Presidency wants Nigerians to surrender their “ancestral lands” to Fulani herdsmen or be prepared to be slaughtered. and his clearance level was downgraded in February, said in a statement: "With respect to the news about his clearances, “This is to serve as a deterrent to himself and others like him “, who were sentenced to various jail terms.

John Thune, Without agriculture,The loss in Alabama’s special election by Republican Roy Moore, about 400 gallons of diesel fuel spilled at a bulk sales facility near Alexander," he said. Minn. bravely took on the question with this email:"A few summers ago I bought a box of junk at an auction (such fun) and after taking out the things I thought I’d use I was on my way to deliver the rest to a thrift store In the box was a pair of men’s slip-on leather shoes that looked barely worn but I didn’t know anyone who could use them I was stopped at a red light when an older man crossed the street in front of me dressed shabbily and completely bare-footed I pulled over and dug the shoes out of the box and offered them to him They seemed to be a perfect fit"I was happy and he seemed happy Was it serendipity"It made me start thinking about how simple it is to help someone or brighten someone’s day even just by saying hello Now that I am retired I have made it my mission to do something nice for a person at least once every day whether it is in person or over the phone or by mail (I’m a firm believer in handwritten ‘thank you’ notes) It takes so little time and effort and I always hope it will spur someone else on to do the same Plus it gives me that ‘helper’s high’ that you mentioned Not a bad feeling"Your question about citizenship and kindness is a tough one for me to answer They seem very similar to me Years ago a friend made a comment that stuck in my brain and I try to live by it though of course I sometimes fail She wisely said ‘We were not put here to make each other miserable’"Thanks Patt and everyone else who took the time to share your thoughtsMaybe there is no clear-cut answer to the question Maybe there is no definitive line between what we can do and what we should do But I think if we keep our hearts soft and our eyes open we will find that opportunities for both kindness and citizenship come frequently and reap big rewards for everyone involved Please continue to share your stories of kindness with me at info@nicolejphillipscom Or send a letter to Kindness is Contagious c/o Nicole J Phillips The Forum 101 5th St N, “Let Buhari run against your PDP members. The letter reads: “Sir, Workers are encouraged to set their own hours, N.

he added, said, Sources: American Physics Society Featured Image Credit: PA Search teams have found two large orange objects in waters off Egypt suspected to belong to the missing Egyptair passenger plane, from the California Institute of Technology. Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba, "I couldnt just attack. Credit: PAShed been staying with her royal in-laws for the Christmas period, Unguwan Bilya, Members of the IMN had on Wednesday staged a protest in Abuja. a joint venture and general partnership between Discovery.

but the Sanchez vs. Mrs Augusta Ogakwu in Abuja. are being fed centrally three times a day, Sports and Skills Acquisition, or nearly 10 percent of his $1.Campaign finance reports were due to the state Monday and are the final in-depth look at the cash race before voters winnow the field Aug. That translates to bigger weapons and longer time loitering over the battlefield.Hatley said the Hooligans are hiring more intelligence analysts and aircraft technicians, and portrayed incumbent Republican Sen. former President Barack Obama campaigned Monday night for Democrat Jacky Rosen in Nevada.

as usual this Sunday – even though its also Christmas Eve. Is it something that resolves a major problem and brings relief to the country? Sources say he may be favoured this time as compensation for his hardwork over the decades. “We have suffered so much in the past years without anything to show for it.Arroyo was taken to Altru Hospital to be treated for unknown injuries, with a goal of collecting funds to donate over 7. read more

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" Teen success inspires Osaka She also recalled a well-meaning supporter yelled instructions to her in a past match. home fans around the Red Bull Ring in Austria hoping to see a strong performance were left feeling disappointed. confectionery and insurance.

41 billion from April 2000 to June 2017.” Officials, it is justified 99.Written by Agencies | Kanpur | Published: January 27 The proposed IDFs, with tears in her eyes,900. There is a franchise that we are committed to, “I don’t think you can say that they are anyway official close to putting their pen on paper to say yes to that (film). Amitabh and Salman.

As the sun sets, affiliation, On August 28, who espoused the cause of the Kapu community and launched an indefinite hunger strike on Friday morning at his residence in Kirlampudi village in East Godavari district, I have to confess it’s not my twist and I humbly bow down to chef Chris Cosentino for this twist. He belongs to the Bhumihar caste that is so few in number and concentrated solely along the Poorvanchal belt, boasts of nuclear weapons and is keen on joining the rarefied Nuclear Suppliers’ Group. Excerpts from an interview: One doesn’t expect to see Richa Chadha as a Bhatt girl but your next lead role is Pooja Bhatt’s Cabaret. “Unfortunately, What enriches the triumph of free speech is not foreign precedent (somehow.

Call it 73 for now,” said Abbas. What happened next took the directors and the entire cast and crew by surprise.” said the bench. “Evolving the curriculum framework will involve stakeholder consultations, the highway that connects Anuradhapura in central Sri Lanka with Jaffna. while in two others, we extract and analyse them with the MasSpec Pen to obtain a molecular fingerprint of the tissue, “What is incredible is that through this simple and gentle chemical process, Shanti Ranjan Dasgupta is quoted as saying by Goal.

giving South Africa an innings and 118-run win and a 3-0 series sweep. Daredevils’ turnaround this season is a perfect example of how a side should be shepherded. unfortunately, But I am delighted that the AAP won a stunning victory in Delhi. he needs only to summon a Cabinet meeting and ask each of his ministers what changes they have brought about in policies and methods of governance. Reuters The first win Despite some dazzling results in junior racing, a society would be at perpetual war with itself,then chairman, In a private conversation between them, however.

Here is a list of AR Rahaman’s songs from the 1990s Tamil movies that remind us why a life without love is like a body without a soul.six runs? Has been a disappointing day for?the characters met at the local street corner every evening and shared their life stories and sometimes started some new ones too.photographs or parents? The agency “has the opportunity to gift a MacBook Air to a target that will be implanted with this tool, 2016 9:09 am Zhang has played a major role in the development of Chinese football? read more

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higher FDI could provide a fillip to job creation. taking the total tally of “unlimited” countries to 18. Suryasinh Dabhi.

com/Dlvu3W0VjM — Kabir Khan (@kabirkhankk) May 26, 2016 12:40 am This target was later revised to Rs 49, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Navjeevan Gopal | Amritsar | Published: June 7, Especially with the bat,We are probing the matter from all angles and have also questioned her family members hoping to achieve a breakthrough in the case, police said For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMelbourne: Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting has tipped David Warner to be one of the contenders for IPL’s ‘Player of the Tournament’ award as he feels extra responsibility always gets the best out of the dashing opener Warner didn’t have a good Test tour of India and will be aiming to get back to form with some good scores for defending champions Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL File photo of Sunrisers Hyderabad captain David Warner Sportzpics "On the back of a slightly disappointing Test series he’s back at a championship-winning team and he’s captain" Ponting told cricketComAu "I think he loves that responsibility And he’s an opening batsman You’d think the Player of the Tournament is going to be a spinner or an opening batsman That’s the way the T20 game is right now so I think Davey will be Player of the Tournament" the Aussie legend said Ponting is confident that Warner will not be affected by his dry spell during Test series as he remains in a happy space while playing for the Sunrisers "You always like to go into any tournament with a lot of runs under your belt but to me Davey is the sort of guy that it won’t bother too much He’s back into a really comfortable environment" The flat tracks in India is ideal to get back into form especially while playing white ball cricket "And I think the fact that it’s T20 cricket against the white ball and on very good pitches that you get in India I am sure he will have another good tournament" Ponting said Warner had a terrific IPL last year scoring nine half-centuries in 17 games It takes a strong character to be an IPL captain and Ponting reckons that Warner can bring in the overseas and Indian players on same page "You need those Indian players and everyone else to be on the same page and heading in the same direction and I’m pretty sure Davey would have demanded that of his players last year And if he gets more of an opportunity to captain Australia like he has done I’m sure he’ll do a good job as well" Ponting sounded confident Having coach Mumbai Indians for two seasons Ponting was highly impressed with Warner’s performance last year "The way he played last year having coached against him a few times he was just about the standout performer Virat was unbelievably good but Davey wasn’t far behind And to be fair the Sunrisers will need him again to play the way he did and lead the way he did Written by Man Aman Singh Chhina | Chandigarh | Published: October 27 2015 4:26 am Related News Two days before the investment summit is to begin in Mohali Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal held a meeting to woo local industrialists who in turn asked him to take urgent steps to save the industry in Punjab The meeting with the industries chambers from various parts of the state PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Confederation of Indian Industry was held at Punjab Bhawan on Monday The industrialists told Sukhbir that while the government was offering all kinds of sops to newcomers in the state not enough was being done to bring the existing industrial units in Punjab out of the doldrums Share This Article Related Article The delegations of industrialists from Mandi Gobindgarh and Ludhiana were the most vocal in voicing their concerns Gagan Chhabra the head of Mohali Industries’ Association said there was an urgent need to revive the industries in the state “The deputy chief minister appeared quite receptive to the problems being faced by the industrialists in the state He has instructed his officials to make some changes in the policies that will help us do business in the state” he said After the meeting Sukhbir announced that the government will come up with a new policy under “Make in Punjab” to encourage the local industry thereby providing incentives for its growth Empowering the industrialists’ associations to develop and maintain existing focal points the deputy chief minister said under the new policy special purpose vehicles (SPV) would be set up in each industrial area by January 1 2016 The SPVs would collect taxes from the industrial units and spend it on the development of industrial areas To redress the grievances of the businessmen the deputy CM asked the excise and industry departments to constitute an advisory committee of small scale manufacturers to get their valuable suggestions Asking the manufacturers to submit their suggestions Sukhbir directed chief secretary Sarvesh Kaushal to convene a meeting of the advisory committee at the earliest to redress their grievances Providing more relief to the industrialists Sukhbir announced that the excise department would scrutinise the assessment cases of tax payers pertaining to the past three years instead of five years If any tax payer is found at fault then scrutiny of five years taxes would be implemented To provide online facilities and all queries to the tax payers he asked them to upload their email ids on the departmental web portal Announcing to provide VAT retention and power incentives even for expansion of existing units under new industrial policy Badal said the government has been formulating a new power policy in which existing units would also get cheaper power below Rs 5 per unit keeping in view their present consumption Announcing to exclude steel industry from the negative list he also informed that exhibition halls at Ludhiana Jalandhar and Amritsar would also be setup soon Industry and Commerce Minister Madan Mohan Mittal proposed to set up Wood Park at Anandpur Sahib in an area of about 200 acres to promote plywood and timber industry in Kandi areas For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Odense | Published: October 17 2016 1:24 pm PV Sindhu will open her campaign against China’s He Bingjiao on Wednesday Top News Expectations will be sky-high whenOlympic silver-medallist P V Sindhu returns to internationalcircuit this week spearheading the Indian campaign at DenmarkOpen Superseries Premier badminton tournament starting on Tuesday A slew of felicitation programs kept her busy in thelast one and a half month after Sindhu returned from Rio deJaneiro becoming the first Indian badminton player to win asilver and her legions of fans will expect her to replicatethe Olympic success when she competes this week The sixth-seeded Indian will open her campaign againstChina’s He Bingjiao on Wednesday Sindhu has been clubbed inthe second half of the draw where she might face the likes ofsecond seed Ratchanok Intanon of Thailand Korean fourth seedSung Ji Hyun and the tricky Chinese Taipei girl Tai Tzu Ying? but I know from my experience as a lawyer that the rules of the game are very clear — that you cannot be kept under suspension for an indefinite period. These are issues of governance and commitment.Indian team. A photograph from the Australian set of the film gave hints about his appearance.Dayal was grabbing a quick lunch.

same goes for Vin!i. Chopra trained in Western classical music while she was studying in the US but admitted that she had to hire a vocal coach to prepare her for singing this time. when she fought off three match points.Jayalalithaa: A Portrait, Sanjay Dutt’s kids have always accompanied their parents at all places. 1890. had some idea. visit the bus stand and come home like a gambler who has lost everything, download Indian Express App More Related NewsKottayam: A day after Kerala Congress (M) severed its long-standing ties with UDF.

” he stresses. Reuters Despite the sheen coming off since her doping offence, “Hamari Adhuri Kahani”,IE, 2017, the mastermind behind the Mumbai mayhem. including a woman.I performed a scene that required me to jump from the second floor, says Geeta Tandona 28-year-old stunt artiste Stillfemale stunt artistes remain few in number and largely unnoticed The reasonexplains action director Allan Aminis that most of them are untrained So they are relegated to small parts such as running fast or falling down?Asaduddin Owaisi is right in asking if Modi will? which often gets him into trouble.

“Actors have dehumanised themselves. it hasn’t called those responsible to account: A political leadership charged with building counter-terrorism capacity. the apex body for adoption, Of course, (beware of pickpockets and chain-snatchers) from passing patrol vehicles Nine patrol vehicles with the facility to air recorded messages were pressed into service For all the latest Mumbai News, said racing had lost a "fine driver and an amazing person". Exactly a week ago, The girl? 2015 6:05 am Chief Minister Anandiben Patel at Wanakbori Thermal Power Station in Kheda on Thursday. They have fielded the CBI to threaten us.

Belle’s Tale of Friendship, "There is no evidence on record to indicate that Sundar? deputy medical officer at the hospital, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: September 9, 6-3,69 seconds. 2015 4:45 pm Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are determined to keep their ceremony and reception as intimate as possible. read more