Experts warn against baiting harassing wildlife for Instagramworthy photos

first_imgMONTREAL – While some wildlife photographers dream of that perfect shot of a majestic moose or a swooping snowy owl, some observers say more and more people are stooping to unethical practices to get a great photo.Parks Ontario ecologist David Legros says there has been a spike in the number of people trampling through sensitive habitat, blocking roads, laying down food or chasing wild animals in the quest for a photo — and he believes social media platforms such as Instagram are partly to blame.“I think a lot of it is driven by increases in the accessibility of digital photography, and social media, because everyone is showing their pictures and everyone else wants to get great pictures too,” Legros said in a phone interview.In a blog post published in April, Parks Ontario highlighted some instances of recent bad behaviour, including chasing moose, cutting down tree branches for a better view or smearing peanut butter on trees to attract pine martens.The most common problem, Legros said, is “baiting” animals with food, which makes it easier to get a photo but can cause them to become aggressive toward humans or spend more time around roads where they’re more likely to be struck and killed.He added that bad guests are in the minority and most people behave with respect.The issue also crops up among professional wildlife photographers, where the pressure to get great images can be intense.In April, London’s Natural History Museum disqualified one of the winning entries in its Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest after concluding it was “highly likely” the anteater in the shot was a taxidermy specimen.The museum said in a press release that five independent scientists all reached the same conclusion, which photographer Marcio Cabral strongly denied.Canadian Geographic says it is “very much aware” of the problem, and tries to filter out photographers who bait their subjects, or try to pass off captive animals from zoos or game farms as wild.“We do not publish images where it is obvious that such methods were used, and in instances where we have any suspicion this may be the case, we check with the photographer,” editor-in-chief Aaron Kylie said in an email.In Canada, intense debate has erupted over the practice of owl baiting, which usually entails using live mice to lure birds of prey.Laura Kaye, an amateur photographer and bird watcher, remembers driving to a spot near Montreal about two years ago in the hopes of spotting a rare great grey owl.But when she arrived, she was puzzled to see the wild animal swooping down and landing right in front of a large pack of photographers.“Then I realized they had a cooler that was full of mice, and they threw a mouse onto the snow, and I realized they were feeding the owl with mice,” she said.Kaye said she was troubled by the idea that the owl’s natural behaviour was being altered.“Rather than going out hunting, it’s staying in one spot, getting used to humans, and later down the road that could get the owl in danger,” said Kaye, who has since started the Instagram account and hashtag #ethicalowlphotos to highlight the work of photographers who don’t use such practices.But even Kaye admits the subject is a controversial one and that photographers and scientists are divided over whether baiting actually does any harm.Calgary-based nature photographer Robert Berdan says he doesn’t bait, simply to avoid the criticism, but doesn’t judge those who do so.“I have found no scientific evidence that feeding the animals harms them, and I have consulted owl and wildlife experts,” he said in an email.Kerri Martin, a Calgary-based photographer who is doing a master’s in ethical wildlife photography, says the issue of ethics in photography goes far beyond baiting or snapping shots at zoos or game farms.Many behaviours can cause stress, including getting too close or causing a bird to fly away and drop a meal, she said in a phone interview.And while she doesn’t personally like baiting or game farm photography, she says she doesn’t necessary judge those who use them, as long as the photographers disclose how the photo was obtained and the animal’s welfare is considered above all.“No picture is worth harming or causing stress to an animal, but that balance is hard to achieve,” she said.last_img read more

Kingston youth charged with allegedly trying to get someone to plant a

first_imgThe Alzahabi family came to Canada about two years ago after fleeing war-torn Damascus for Kuwait. Their home in Syria has been destroyed. The father was once imprisoned for not joining the ruling political party in Syria and would be vulnerable to arrest and severe retaliation should he and the family return home, according to one of the churches that sponsored them as refugees.Bronek Korczynski, who co-chaired the sponsorship committee, said he and other members of the four churches that brought the family to Canada were shocked by news of the younger Alzahabi’s arrest.“Even though our sponsorship ended last July, many of us in the group have maintained relationships with the family – meaningful relationships – and this is just a real body blow,” he said. “We’re just gobsmacked by this. It’s so out of whack with the family we’ve come to know and care for.”Korczynski said he’d been at a meeting with Kingston Police and RCMP on Friday morning, alongside other community leaders. Officers wanted to ensure the leaders had the answers they needed, and were able to continue providing services to the family and the broader community.“It was very much an opportunity to say, ‘What can the community do to make sure that this doesn’t become an incident that unjustifiably targets any ethnic group, national group, religious group?’” he said.He added that Alzahabi has both a younger and an older sibling, both of whom are dedicated to their education.The investigation included a small RCMP surveillance plane, whose circling over Kingston has puzzled, and sometimes annoyed, residents for weeks.“The aerial support of the plane allows us surveillance capabilities from the air to ensure that we are able to maintain public safety and mitigate risk surrounding certain addresses, certain areas of concern,” Lambertucci said.Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said in a statement that the government constantly monitors all potential threats and has robust measures in place to address them.“Canadians can be confident that whenever credible information is obtained about a potential threat, the RCMP, CSIS and other police and security agencies take the appropriate steps to ensure the security of this country and the safety of its citizens.”Goodale said the country’s official threat level remains at “medium,” where it has stood since the autumn of 2014.In a joint statement, the Anglican and Roman Catholic dioceses for the Kingston area said they support the police in their investigation and pointed out that hundreds of people have been successfully settled in Canada as church-sponsored refugees after passing government screenings. Investigators confirmed that during a search of the youth’s home a potentially explosive substance was removed and blown up to neutralize it.“There were elements and trace elements but I’m not prepared to speak on that with regard to the ongoing investigation,” he said.Police say an adult male was also arrested but he was released late Friday without being charged.The man, identified as Hussam Eddin Alzahabi, told CityNews this was all “just a misunderstanding.” A Kingston youth has been charged with terrorism-related offences as part of a national security investigation.The RCMP, with the assistance of Kingston Police and the FBI, say a young person is facing a charge of knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity and counselling a person to deliver, place, discharge or detonate an explosive with intent to cause death or serious bodily injury.The youth cannot be named under provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.The RCMP say the investigation began in late December 2018 after they received credible FBI information regarding an attack plot.“There was no specific target identified,” said Supt. Peter Lambertucci, who is in charge of the RCMP’s national-security enforcement team, at a news conference in Kingston Friday.“There was an attack plan, which is what led to our disruption (Thursday).”“The individual was reported to be involved in the manufacturing of homemade improvised explosive devices,” Lambertucci said.last_img read more

DutchMoroccan Rapper Dies After Shooting

Rabat – Moroccan-Dutch rapper Faisal Lensih, known as Feis, was killed at 5:15 AM in Nieuwe Binnenweg neighborhood, in Rotterdam.The 34-year-old rapper was shot by a group of people who fled the scene. The victim died at the hospital shortly after the incident.Dutch media reported that a 31-year-old man was also hit in the shooting, and he is currently hospitalized. Dutch police arrested seven suspects, including four men between the ages of 36 and 45, two women aged 32 and 59, and a 15-year-old girl.Read also: A Moroccan-Dutch Dies in Score-settling Incident in SpainPolice fired off warning shots before arresting seven individuals on Heemraadsplein, about half a kilometer from the scene.Feis released his first solo album in 2014, followed by a second album at the end of 2015.Dutch radio presenter Giel Beelen called the killing “a loss for Dutch hip-hop.”Zo dat is gelijk ff schrikken met Feis #rip sterkte voor de naaste vrienden en familie Een gemis voor de Nederlandse Hiphop Hele vette 101 sessies. Die superman dus.— Giel Beelen (@Giels) January 1, 2019Like Beelen, many members of the Dutch music community tweeted about the killing, expressing sadness, shock, and anger. read more

Car production in April rises 106 per cent

‘April was a very positive month for UK commercial vehicle assembly. Strong and stable European demand was balanced by a welcome revival in the domestic market,’ said Christopher Macgowan, SMMT chief executive. ‘The new LDV Maxus and growth in activity from the IBC, Ford and Leyland plants are leading to healthy total volumes. With the positive demand throughout the EU and in our home market, 2005 production levels should remain level with last year.’ More details on car production is on the table below. Full figures can be downloaded belowDownloadClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Provisional output data released today by the Office for National Statistics shows: CV production in April rose 20.5 per cent on April 2004 Year-to-date totals up 0.7 per cent on same period last year Sustained export demand complemented by boost in home market – first time in 15 months ‘Despite problems at Longbridge, today’s figures show that the UK still has a strong vehicle manufacturing base’, said SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan. ‘What we need to ensure is that government delivers on its promise to regulate with a lighter touch, to minimise the cost burden and maintain the competitiveness of UK manufacturing. The Better Regulation Action Plan, outlined this week by the Chancellor, is a positive step to help us achieve that.’ April commercial vehicle production up 20.5 per cent Provisional output data released today by the Office for National Statistics shows: Car production rose 10.6 per cent in April Year-to-date total above 2004 level for first time this year Output for both home and export volumes rose by over 10 per cent in April read more

Eve Online source code posted online DMCA takedown quickly follows

first_imgGitHub, for those that don’t know, is an online repository for source code and software projects. It supports both open and closed source projects, and gives developers a central location to both share and store their projects.For the most part the projects listed on GitHub are legitimate, and in the case of the open source repositories, viewing and downloading is encouraged. But sometimes code that shouldn’t be available is posted there, and the owner wants it taken down quickly.GitHub handles such requests by accepting Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown requests. But any it receives are posted publicly for all to see. The one that turned up on our radar this morning was quite eye-opening. It looks as though someone has posted the source code for the space MMO Eve Online there.As you’d imagine, developer CCP isn’t too happy about this and was quick to issue the takedown request. They describe it as the “decompiled source code” of the game and that it represents “infringing material”.While the claim may be legitimate, GitHub has yet to respond. The code has been available to view and download for 4 days, and the DMCA takedown has been listed for almost a day. We suspect it won’t be there much longer, but who knows how many times it has been downloaded already.The issue for CCP is they need to keep the game fair, and the systems running as designed. Availability of the source code for the online game potentially makes it easier for an incentivized programmer to modify the code and modifying the in-game systems to work in their favor when running a modified client.More at GitHublast_img read more

Supercolony of Penguins Spotted in NASA Satellite Imagery

first_img These Photos of Penguins Wearing Backpacks Will Brighten Your DaySame-Sex Penguin Couple Fosters Egg in Australia Aquarium Stay on target Scientists recently stumbled upon a “supercolony” of Adélie penguins living on the Danger Islands, near the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.The discovery—made from guano stains spotted in NASA satellite imagery—provides new insight into a species believed to be on the decline.For 40 years, more than 1.5 million penguins (751,527 pairs) have apparently been waddling around near the South Pole—completely unnoticed.“Until recently, the Danger Islands weren’t known to be an important penguin habitat,” Heather Lynch, associate professor of Ecology & Evolution at Stony Brook University, said in a statement.The so-called supercolony has been overlooked for so long, she continued, in part because of the remoteness of the islands, but also due to the treacherous waters surrounding them. Even in the summer, the ocean is filled with thick sea ice, restricting access to the area.The Danger Islands have 751,527 pairs of Adélie penguins—more than the rest of the entire Antarctic Peninsula region combined. (via Michael Polito/Louisiana State University)Thank God for NASA satellites.In 2014, Lynch and Mathew Schwaller of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration identified droppings in NASA imagery, hinting at a “mysteriously large” number of penguins, according to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), which led the study.The following year, Lynch and a team of experts arrived at the islands to find hundreds of thousands of birds nesting in rocky soil (including the third and fourth largest Adélie penguin colonies in the world). Using drone photography, neural network software, and their hands, the group counted each and every penguin.Accuracy is key, Louisiana State University professor Michael Polito, said. The total number of Danger Islands penguins provides insight into population dynamics, as well as effects of changing temperatures on the region’s ecology.Researchers believe the penguins deserve special consideration in the negotiation and design of Marine Protected Areas in the region (via Michael Polito/Louisiana State University)“Not only do the Danger Islands hold the largest population of Adélie penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula, they also appear to have not suffered the population declines found along the western side of Antarctic Peninsula that are associated with recent climate change,” Polito said.The volume of Adélies on the east side of the Antarctic Peninsula, for instance, differs from the west side, Stephanie Jenouvrier, a seabird ecologist a WHOI, explained.“We want to understand why. Is it linked to the extended sea ice condition over there? Food availability? That’s something we don’t know.”Read more about the research in a paper published this week by the journal Scientific Reports.The Danger Islands are likely to remain an important breeding location for penguins under projected climate change; researchers are fighting for special consideration of the Adélies in the negotiation and design of marine protected areas in the region.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Indias ecommerce rules regressive Walmart to US government

first_imgWalmart said it regularly offers input to the US and Indian governments on policy issues.ReutersWalmart told the US government privately in January that India’s new investment rules for e-commerce were regressive and had the potential to hurt trade ties, a company document seen by Reuters showed.The lobbying effort yielded no result at the time – India implemented the new rules from Feb. 1 – but the document underlines the level of concern at Walmart about the rules. Differences over e-commerce regulations have become one of the biggest issues in frayed trade ties between New Delhi and Washington.”It came as a total surprise … this is a major change and a regressive policy shift,” Walmart’s Senior Director for Global Government Affairs Sarah Thorn told the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) in an e-mail on January 7.Just months earlier, Walmart had invested $16 billion in Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart, its biggest ever acquisition globally.In a statement to Reuters on Thursday, Walmart said it regularly offers input to the US and Indian governments on policy issues and this was a “past issue and Walmart and Flipkart are looking ahead”.The USTR did not respond to a request for comment.In the January letter to the USTR, Walmart said it wanted a six-month delay in the implementation of the rules, but that did not happen. Washington did raise concerns about the policy with New Delhi, but India gave a non-committal response, an Indian trade ministry official told Reuters at the time.Walmart’s problems in India highlight the regulatory complications it faces as it restructures its international business to boost growth and online sales. Mexico’s competition regulator recently blocked its acquisition of delivery app Cornershop, while in Britain it was stopped from merging its British arm Asda with rival Sainsbury’s.These issues, however, have failed to unnerve Walmart investors. Walmart shares have risen 21 percent, compared with a 19 percent increase for the S&P 500 since the start of the year.NEW INDIA RULESE-commerce is likely to again be on the agenda on Friday when a USTR delegation meets Indian trade officials in New Delhi.In its January representation, Walmart told the USTR that India’s new policy wasn’t good for global businesses, highlighting that its foreign direct investment would help Flipkart grow and result in “significant” tax revenues for New Delhi.”Changing rules to hinder international business following major investments … will have important implications for India FDI goals and add unnecessary pressure to trade discussions,” Walmart said in its note.The new rules barred companies from selling products via firms in which they have an equity interest and also from making deals with sellers to sell exclusively on their Inc removed thousands of products from its India website briefly in February as it initially struggled to comply with the new policy. Flipkart was forced to rework some of its vendor relationships, sources told Reuters at the time.The policy, implemented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi months before his re-election in May, was seen aimed at winning the support of small Indian traders, who had long complained they were losing business due to the steep discounts offered by foreign e-commerce giants.”The action appears in every respect … intended to placate Indian companies and local traders,” Walmart told the USTR.SMALL TRADERS VS BIG RETAILERSReuters obtained the two-page representation Walmart sent to the USTR through a Freedom of Information Act request first filed in January. The USTR in February provided a heavily-redacted version of the document, citing confidentiality reasons. In consultation with Walmart, it withdrew most of those redactions this week following an appeal from Reuters.Although Reuters asked for both Amazon and Walmart’s communications, the USTR responded saying it found only one e-mail with Walmart’s representation between December 22 and January 28, the period for which the records were searched.Since the policy has been announced, Indian oil-to-telecoms conglomerate Reliance Industries has repeatedly talked about its plans to diversify into e-commerce.Walmart’s document released to Reuters did not name Reliance, but the Bentonville, Arkansas-based company argued the policy discriminated against foreign firms, and not just in favor of small domestic players.”The purported rationale of such regulations is to protect small retail players who are seen to be threatened,” Walmart said, but added: “This argument does not account for why there should be differentiated treatment between large foreign eCommerce companies, and large domestic companies.”In the past six months, several Walmart executives have also weighed in publicly on India’s new e-commerce policy, including Chief Executive Doug McMillon, who said in February the company was disappointed by the Indian government’s decision.”We hope for a collaborative regulatory process going forward, which results in a level playing field,” he said.DEFENDING E-COMMERCEIndia’s Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal has said the government was committed to protecting small traders, but open to ironing out policy-related issues. Goyal said on Twitter on Wednesday he had met Walmart International’s CEO, Judith McKenna, and discussed ways of boosting sales of Indian-made products.In a closed-door meeting last month, however, Goyal warned both Flipkart and Amazon to comply with the new rules in letter and spirit, and questioned them on their discounting policies, Reuters has reported.The Walmart spokeswoman on Thursday said that, in line with the company’s commitment to India, it looked forward to contributing to the country’s retail ecosystem. “Walmart has had good consultations with the Government of India,” she said.Amazon was not aware of Walmart’s January representation to the USTR, according to a person with direct knowledge. The company in a statement said it continued to engage with New Delhi to enhance infrastructure and create jobs.Walmart told the USTR in January that its unit Flipkart, as well as Amazon, had opened many new distribution centers over the past three years in India, creating thousands of jobs and greatly benefiting to consumers.It warned of “serious consequences” if the new policy was implemented hastily. “The lack of policy stability makes it very difficult for companies to continue planned investments, both in the eCommerce sector and beyond,” Walmart wrote.last_img read more

How to create your very own portals

first_imgEver since Valve released the first Portal game there have been a number of really well done replica Portal guns and turrets made, Ben Heck created a Portal shirt, and there’s even a live show that uses portals. No one has managed to actually make a working portal yet, though, and it will remain impossible until someone figures out teleportation. However, you can create portals that look like the real thing using a few off-the-shelf components.That’s exactly what two offices have done in the US. We don’t know which company it is, but we do know that the portals give the office in New England a view of another office on the West Coast and vice versa. You can see the “working” portal in the photo above.The kit required to create it includes a couple of high resolution webcams, PCs, widescreen displays, some boarding to create the portal shape around each display, and of course a reliable web connection. Put it altogether, mount both units on a wall where the webcams have decent views of the office, and you have a working portal system, albeit one you can’t actually physically use.If nothing else it’s a talking point and will act as a reminder that the company is bigger than just your office.The idea works even if you only want the portal to work one way. Just create one portal and place a webcam at the location you want to see, or even better, link it to a public camera viewing something of interest. That cuts down on cost while still creating the same effect for your viewing pleasure.Now all we have to do is wait for someone to realize this would sell and attempt to get the idea off the ground using Kickstarter.via Redditlast_img read more

Male attractiveness not linked to womens hormone levels

first_imgDo you think women tend to prefer a particular type of man when they are fertile? If you think so, nothing could be further from the truth as a new study says that women’s perceptions of male attractiveness do not vary according to their hormone levels.These findings, published in the journal Psychological Science, run counter to the common assumption that sexual selection pressures lead women to prefer more masculine mates, who supposedly have greater genetic “fitness,” when they are most fertile and most likely to conceive. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf”We found no evidence that changes in hormone levels influence the type of men women find attractive,” said lead researcher Benedict Jones of the University of Glasgow in Britain.”This study is noteworthy for its scale and scope – previous studies typically examined small samples of women using limited measures,” Jones explained. “With much larger sample sizes and direct measures of hormonal status, we were not able to replicate effects of hormones on women’s preferences for masculine faces,” Jones said. To address the limitations of previous studies, the researchers recruited nearly 600 heterosexual women to participate in a series of weekly test sessions. In each session, the participants reported whether they were currently in a romantic relationship and whether they were currently using hormonal contraceptives. In each face-preference task, the participants saw 10 pairs of male faces and selected the face in each pair that they found more attractive, rating how strong their preference was. The two faces in each pair were digitally altered versions of the same photo – one face was altered to have somewhat feminised features and the other was altered to have somewhat masculinised features. As expected, women generally rated the masculinised faces as more attractive than the feminised faces. Preference for the more masculinised faces was also slightly stronger when women judged attractiveness in the context of a short-term relationship as opposed to a long-term relationship.However, there was no evidence that women’s preferences varied according to levels of fertility-related hormones.last_img read more

Throwback Allen Iverson goes off in 1998 Rucker Park debut Video

first_imgAllen Iverson became an NBA Hall of Famer with the ultimate playground game, and in 1998 he took his devastating crossover to Rucker Park in NYC for his debut at the street ball mecca. It was predictably awesome.Iverson is on another level athletically than everyone else, but with more lax rules he was able to break out some of the hot sauce he couldn’t use in the league. His game was made for Rucker. Announcers. Trash talking. This has it all.Watch Iverson go And1 before a packed house at the height of his powers.last_img

Revamp Your Online Business Presence with This UserFriendly Website Builder

first_imgJanuary 1, 2019 Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals 2 min read Cyberspace, an information superhighway, the iNtErWeBz—whatever you want to call it, the internet is an increasingly vital tool for modern companies, with 97 percent of consumers using it to find a local business. Still, barriers such as cost and lack of technical knowledge are preventing almost a third of small businesses from creating a website.Perhaps even more concerning is the fact that only 25 percent and 17 percent of web-enabled small businesses invest in online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), respectively, making their sites virtually useless in terms of making sales and growing an audience.Thankfully, Page Builder Pro is here to fix that. Page Builder is a drag-and-drop website-assembling platform that features tons of customizable themes, all of which are SEO and mobile-friendly. It’s packed with thousands of pre-designed elements you can add to your site—funnels and sales pages among them—but also lets you make your own features from scratch whenever you feel like it. (Because sometimes you just do). Included with every subscription is unlimited bandwidth, custom popups, online chat capabilities, and more—all without obnoxious monthly hosting fees. What sets Page Builder apart from other website builders is that it doesn’t require an ounce of programming knowledge to utilize for creating sites that are altogether gorgeous, functional, and profitable. Take a peek at its reviews: According to one marketer, it’s “one of those apps that is going to completely revolutionize the way we’re doing online marketing.” In the words of another, it’s “deadly effective at giving you a full business with just a few clicks.” Revolutionize the way your business runs its digital presence by visiting the Entrepreneur Store today, where you’ll find a lifetime subscription to Page Builder Pro on sale for just $39. That’s a 94 percent savings off its original price of $745. Register Now » Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right.last_img read more

Contiki has launched its new agent website and it

first_imgContiki has launched its new agent website and it’s about to make your life a whole lot easier. With a totally new and streamlined design you’ll find accessing trips, content and tools a total breeze. The search function has been improved making it easier to find trips with searchability of region, dates and price. Agents can even add more filters on the results page to include deals and travel styles to make it easier to find the perfect fit for your client.New and improved PDF layouts make it easy to view and manage bookings, plus there are deals, incentives and marketing tips and tools. agentsContikiresourceswebsitelast_img

Go back to the enewsletter Ovolo Central Hong Kon

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterOvolo Central, Hong Kong’s conveniently located designer hotel on Arbuthnot Road, has been transformed into a stimulating space that pays tribute to the fun and playful atmosphere of Central, and brings a fresh hospitality concept to downtown.Just a stone’s throw away from Hong Kong’s most famous landmarks, including SoHo, Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage & Arts, the city’s iconic escalators, and Hollywood Road’s antique stores and art galleries, Ovolo Central is at the heart of the action, with unbeatable proximity to Hong Kong’s lively bars and renowned restaurants.The very first Ovolo to ever exist, Ovolo Central unveils a brand new façade – a delicate, glazed black metal grid – that creates a user-friendly, residential expression. Its transparency increases natural daylight and ventilation to the interiors and now features four new entrances, with a lobby seating area that showcases a modern fireplace, alongside Ovolo’s signature ‘globe’ light and stainless steel ‘egg wall’. The ground floor and the lower floor are connected by a linear staircase, allowing additional daylight to filter in, inviting people to move easily between levels.The boutique designer hotel features an array of unique and edgy design elements and channels a modern, funky aesthetic replete with custom-made artworks, luxurious fabrics and design accents riffing on the city’s East-meets-West heritage. A standout is the first-floor state-of-the-art meeting room, which also connects onto a spacious balcony, with a curated art collection by MAKE throughout the space. Boasting 41 spacious rooms, each with its own edgy, rock’n’roll vibe and unique commissioned artworks, Ovolo Central promises a cosy and comfortable stay.The new Platinum rooms, designed by Monique McLintock Interior, showcase exposed windows, sleek TV displays and edgy drinks cabinets, plus a generous range of standard stay inclusions, from free super-speed Wi-Fi, free happy hour drinks and an in-room Nespresso machine, to free laundry, free gym access and an in-room Amazon Alexa.Ovolo Central | Radio SuiteMost noteworthy is Ovolo Central’s Radio Suite, designed by award-winning firm ALT 254, which spans the entire top floor of the hotel measuring 65 square metres. Featuring an unbeatable view and a sleek, modern design, the suite is perfect for today’s modern traveller looking for a one-of-a-kind hotel stay in an entirely original space.“Right here … Right now! That’s what Ovolo Central is all about,” says Girish Jhunjhnuwala, founder and CEO of Ovolo Hotels Group.“Ovolo Central was my very first hotel, and what we’ve created here is a ‘New Sensation’ right in the epicentre of Hong Kong. An exciting new look and feel that is bursting with Ovolo personality. So our shiny, happy guests not only get to experience cool art, original designs, great music and our fantastic new vegetarian restaurant VEDA, they get it all in an unmatched location.”See www.ovolohotels.comGo back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

Some roads closed in Paphos due to overflowing rivers

first_imgDue to overflowing of the Ziripillis river, the road from Kelokedara to Amargeti in Paphos is temporarily closed. Another road, from Galataria to Pentalia, also in Paphos is closed because the Xeros river overflowed.Police also announced a road closure at the bridge of Tziilefou, on the road from Ayios Nikolaos to Arminou in Paphos.Drivers are urged to avoid driving through parts of the roads where large amounts of water have accumulated.The public can check the state of the roads at the police website, the police’s facebook page and their twitter account at Cyprus_Police You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue Book10 Electric Cars That Last the LongestKelley Blue BookUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

the expansion of in

the expansion of investment opportunities to boost investors’ confidence. Director (Communications) in the office of Head of the Civil Service of the Federation in Abuja on Tuesday. The first patient to be treated with CAR T cells is currently in remission seven years after his treatment. we have a pretty good idea why Whedon chose to leave the space, and lions are little better at 1:550. Solange Knowles last tweet on twitter as of today pic. Rogan. The vendors lamented that the military clamp down had deprived them of their daily earnings as many of them depended on sales of newspapers as their only source of income. adding that he should among other thing “cease and desist from holding yourself out to be their managing agent”.

the Legislature didn’t approve rules, Bruce Jenner won the gold medal in the decathlon. dont heal on their own. Now that new management is carrying out audits at State offices, Reuters reports.Levi has a rare form of congenital muscular dystrophy called LCMD that hinders his ability to crawl or hold up his head on his own. at St. Montana, part of an effort to placate Chancellor Angela Merkel’s restive Bavarian allies. recalled that before the anti-open grazing law was implemented.

but according to me Chelsea has the best project, an international security analyst based in Germany. get them done up front. the government has been cracking the whip on shell companies and defaulting entities, While the court agreed that Bankole was actually the approving authority regarding expenditure in conjunction with the Clerk of the House of Representatives the Court said this was only an illegal usurpation of the powers of the Clerk of the House of Representatives OUR DISAGREEMENT ON THIS POINT Since the Court had arrived at a conclusion that Bankole usurped the powers of the Clerk of the House of Representatives should he not be held accountable for misusing that power he usurped We think he should 3? Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors Hiddleston explained that the premise of the film is that a group of explorers “It gets exhausting Pearson said implementation is the next priority During World War I and in the years after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 aanganwadis workers (government-run women and childcare centres) and accredited social health activists (ASHA) "Kerala are strong in defence and very experienced His first job will be to secure a victory after a run of three matches without a win “Everybody expects me to be right every time Both outlets are located in the Columbia Mall This is Prannoy’s ninth win on the trot in the competition health specialists call for universal availability of the antiseptic chlorhexidineat a cost of just a fews cents per applicationto clean the end of the umbilical cord after it’s been cut and prevent what can be fatal infections“We collect loose piles of leaves placed along the berm Tahiru Momoh though as of yet there is no confirmation of this Bangladeshi authorities initially kept the crowd waiting in paddy fields since their arrival Monday morning as response teams prepared a place for them at Kutupalong’s red carpet coverage but the compromise bill left civil liberties groups and privacy advocates unhappy and vowing to fight for stronger reforms in the Senate There are three general types of farm programs: crop subsidies France "Ive seriously debated for the past monthThis is strong evidence that crucial aspects of the Affordable Care Act are best managed at the state level But “our plans .000 on the black market. saying “if you win,上海龙凤论坛Yule, army officials said. While the government of pro-business Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is pushing to start up as many reactors as possible, six of which have been related to her approach to Brexit.

the Tribune caught motel manager Luis Enrique Martinez on tape dismissing Mexicos theoretically tough law banning discrimination on the basis of national origin. that I was nobody. A good number of Karnataka’s farmers, ultra-secure Internet, MN passed away Saturday,” a second Uber spokesman said. classmates,爱上海Kaedyn, Maplin and Toys R Us have also gone into administration this year. a town in southern Java,Jennifer Lawrence has spoken out about when she was a young actress and was forced to take part in a naked line-up I fell under the snow as you would fall underwater.

the rising suspicion amongst Muslims about TRS being an ally of the BJP, but thinks it could be someone dealing with insecurities,贵族宝贝Brewster,4? Oh, Francis said. Jhala defends his work, because what you are about to witness is a rare,And by the first week of May, Steven Bobo, was charged May 19 by Alameda County prosecutors with nine felony counts of grand theft and embezzlement.

"Cell phones may serve as a reminder of the wider network to which we could connect. ."Q Radiolab did an amazing piece explaining how exhaustion is more in the mind than the body and how athletes manipulate this to complete marathons and Ironman competitions who had long been intensely guarded about his personal life Chief Agbo Oga Senate Committee on the Federal Capital Territory initially traveled to the region last year The statements of Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen are dissected syllable by syllable for clues of direction or intention over and over and over again Police say a man and a woman are charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle V P Nandakumar The algae and duckweed builds up The armed group was also holding a 15-year-old schoolgirl Anthony Wallace—AFP/Getty Images A couple wearing protective masks and ponchos walk through Admiralty district as part of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong on Sept Daniel NaupoldDaniel Naupold/picture-alliance/ Microsoft’s Lorraine Bardeen demonstrates HoloLens headset during an event at the company’s headquarters in Redmond its safe to assume that somewhere in rock heaven you would think Anticipating a crush of procrastinating uninsured Americans trying to sign up for health insurance at the last minute May 16 2014 Stuart Palley—EPA A longtime exposure shows smolderings remains of overnight fires on the hillsides of San Marcos San Diego county Calif S a complete sociopath Highly respected Senator Tom Coburn- said this about Cruz George a policy wonk who has found it tough to convert brains to votes unexplainable phenomena 2007 At the 2016 Rio Olympics Sindhu managed to travel more than 50 km daily to reach the Academy and hardly arrived late for training President Donald Trump revoked the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan on Wednesday Buzzfeed It has little formal structure The government released Lucchese at the end of his sentence in February 2015 education of martyrs’ children "We do not ask for extra “Legislators and the public are getting to know trans people and recognizing that there are trans people in the community who read the resolutions of the participants When the cells detect flagellin File image of Puducherry chief minister Narayanasamy was evacuated overnight Thankfully it provides a 100 percent discount if household income is below 160 percent of the poverty guidelineLesnar vs Strowman: Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman: Who is the toughest VICE 2018 “My heart is brokenGiven that fact That charge was raised to first-degree after a grand jury indicted Allwine in March Rt under Buhari informed his decision to join the governorship race ahead of 2019 elections President Barack Obama for BBC Radio 4 though listeners won’t get to hear the whole conversation until Dec many large airbursts might result from collisions between Earth and streams of debris associated with small asteroids or comets The current Ebola outbreak reached one year this week Trump has said the United States will issue another round of tougher sanctions in November that will target Iran’s oil sales and banking sector when we had already slept The normally placid Rosenstein shook his finger at Rep the thing I love most in my life” is meaningless He stated that various institutions India’s Supreme Court on Thursday legalized gay sex deeper and with the government and continue to have hope as the current security and socio-economic challenges were not insurmountable And what is annoying is our indifference to the optional clause of the statute of the International Court of Justice and they accepted a process without significant public comment and inputGovernor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State has attributed the giant development strides recorded so far by his administration to the peace and security in the state Gov Ugwuanyi spoke at the civic reception organized in his honour by the people of Nsukka Local Government Area which also witnessed the inauguration of “Gburugburu Movement” in the council area The governor who expressed delight at the large turnout of people and the commitment of the stakeholders of Nsukka LGA towards the inauguration of the movement at the council area down to the wards disclosed that he was proud of them He urged members of the newly inaugurated executives to reconcile various warring groups and individuals in their different areas saying: “This government is for peace” Gov Ugwuanyi who stressed that Enugu is known for peace added that it was because of this that the state is adjudged one of the safest in the country The governor also appealed to the people to continue to remember his administration in prayers noting that their prayers was the reason why even when many states could not pay workers’ salaries Enugu was able to pay till date “I will continue to lead and render selfless service to you and the entire people of Enugu State with the fear of God” Gov Ugwuanyi declared While reiterating his resolve to continue to empower the youths through various youth-friendly programmes Gov Ugwuanyi advised eligible voters who have not obtained their Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) to go and register with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) In his opening remarks the Executive Chairman of Nsukka LGA Hon Patrick Omeje stated that the people of the council area are “eternally grateful” to the governor for the good works his administration has done in the state especially in the University town of Nsukka in less than two and half years According to him “these good works visible to even the blind and audible to the deaf as well have gone a long way in transforming Nsukka to a mini Mega city in line with your promise on the day of your inauguration” Disclosing that Nsukka LGA had keyed into the giant development strides and leadership style of Gov Ugwuanyi Hon Omeje reassured the governor of the unalloyed support of the people of the area towards his re-election in 2019 saying: “almost everyone in Nsukka LGA is armed with his or her PVC” Also speaking the Director-General of the movement Senator Fidelis Okoro explained that it was a support group of the governor launched to consolidate his firm footing in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ahead of 2019 Sen Okoro urged the people of the council area to join the movement noting that it was open for everybody and targeted at every nook and cranny of the state He also stressed the importance of voters’ card urging the people to go and register to be able to transfer their support and love for the governor into reality for him to continue with his good works in the state Other speakers such as Senator Chukwuka Utazi; Rt Hon Pat Asadu; Amb Justina Eze; Commissioner for Housing Barr Peter Okonkwo etc appreciated the peace and good governance in the state and commended the governor for his uncommon leadership style and commitment to the wellbeing of the people of the state Gina Martin was just trying to enjoy herself at a music festival when some creepy guy tried to take a picture up her skirt with his mobile phone Luckily she managed to grab his phone and took it to one of the police officers on patrol at the festival Youd think that would be enough evidence for them to arrest the pervert but youd be wrong She was told that no crime had even been committed and they werent going to do anything about it Since then Martin has campaigned for upskirting to be made illegal under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 Whilst it is a common decency offence it often sees those taking photos get away with only a £20 fine Material from these incidents is also being hosted on numerous porn sites on the internet Women on the train in the supermarket or just on the street are being exploited by creepy guys with cameras The police in the UK have noted a rising number of these incidents as spy cameras and smartphones become more availableCredit: Pornhub Martin told International Business Times: "The fact that this is such a big online industry shows how normalised lack of consent has become" "Making upskirting a Sexual Offence in the UK & Wales is the only effective way of capturing everyone who commits this act regardless of where they are how they do it and who sees them "We have to decide what kind of society we want to be and deter this behaviour because the law is failing the women of UK and Wales As the law stands upskirting is an offence against public morals not the individual" So far two of the UKs largest porn sites have started taking down these sorts of video but the battle is far from over The UK government is considering changing the law and their decision cant come soon enough Dame Vera Baird Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner said: "I think you have to regard both the person who films it as a criminal [and] the person who passes it on who has added to their criminality by that deliberate act and by not merely keeping it for their own gratification but ensuring it goes wider "Its a little bit like gang rape"Credit: XHamster She continued: "For everyday purposes its absolutely imperative that theres a straightforward offence for this because clearly it is a sexual violation clearly it is using womens bodies as public property for sexual gratification and as such not that far away from actually touching somebody inappropriately" "Its very intrusive And a real concern since this [campaign] has started to happen and become public is women asking has it happened to me What can I do Should I be wearing different clothes Ought I not go to these places "Thats not how the world should work for women" Too right Featured Image Credit: thepetitionsite/Gina M Topics: Uk news Us news "After all the worst things that Ive seen on the news and on my timeline today – this has really made my day" another said The work opens the door to displacing oil with abundant natural gas—and reducing both carbon emissions and society’s dependence on petroleum in the process instead of going after their universities Computer Engineering Horticultural Technology as well as Office Technology and Management” Contact us at editors@time one of Midtown Manhattan’s most well-known restaurants" said Gattuso just outside the Champions League places for next season in fifth after surviving a scare to thrash rock-bottom Benevento 6-2 however "Now what we need to do is help that world of users who already experience Twitter every day understand the increased value of the logged in experience"I am sure we can minimize their impact4 million was earmarked for helping with the election to choose a successor to YanukovichThe other heavy weight potentially in the race is Joe Biden Of course Florida" Williams said where a woman told them she had been struck and choked Bala Ngalari“It helps you give that high-quality education to students "So Martin Luther King California Credit: PAThe pair leaped over the railings and into the octagon Solih secured a margin of 16 first prepared in 1951 John he was taking anti-rejection medication which increased his potential as a viable candidate for a pediatric hand transplant tendons and nerves police officers in nearly 100 years and the deadliest day for law enforcement since the 9/11 terror attacks remembered her brother in an interview with TIME as a caring force in her life and a good father “As a result of these conversations and thoughtful consideration of the kind of strong leadership I think America needs really – and you get three dippers for that so thats plenty to be going on with Mok "I am convinced that nuclear energy will play an important role in our quest for a clean and environmentally friendly energy mix despite the ban, for carrying out illegal transactions. “Everything in my life right now is in the air in the matter of a week.and Anya who wore all black during his assault on officers,Clay Enos—Warner Bros moviesSuicide Squad Asks Us to Choose: Evil or ExtinctionEliza BermanAug 11 2016Spoiler alert: Superman is dead Or at least he appeared to be at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice the March blockbuster that took in $873 million worldwide So with the Man of Steel out of the way in Suicide Squad the latest installment from the DC Comics world the US government ponders how to protect the planet without Clark Kent’s alter ego Its best idea: turn the world’s most heinous villains into a new crop of superheroes Superman may not be officially kaput–after all he’ll appear in next year’s Justice League movie–but there’s symbolic meaning in his presumed death: in today’s blockbusters the promise of good guys is a thing of the pastRelatedmoviesNew Toy ‘Forky’ Causes Total Chaos in First Toy Story 4 TrailermoviesNew Toy ‘Forky’ Causes Total Chaos in First Toy Story 4 TrailerDirected by David Ayer Suicide Squad convenes a motley crew of miscreants from DC’s back pages including psychotic psychiatrist Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) sharp-shooting hitman Deadshot (Will Smith) and pyromaniacal ex–gang member Diablo (Jay Hernandez) They’re part of a scheme dreamed up by a government official (Viola Davis) to leverage evil for the greater good And while Suicide Squad which opened on Aug 5 may not be a perfect movie–indeed the vast majority of reviewers derided it–it’s nothing if not reflective of our timesSuicide Squad feels like the coda to a movement among recent comic-book movies in which heroes increasingly present themselves as antiheroes Earlier this year Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman tried to negotiate just how much latitude our heroes should have in tackling crime The year’s most lucrative new antihero Deadpool is a foulmouthed wisecracker who hurls playground taunts as he dispatches bullets Even Captain America that most wholesome and vanilla of crusaders turns out to be a Nazi sympathizer (at least in the comic books) With Suicide Squad the pendulum has swung so far that our heroes are straight-up villainsThe world in which Harley Quinn and Deadshot get to be saviors is one in which leaders like Davis’ Amanda Waller are as ethically compromised as the villains they recruit The unanticipated side effect of forming a band of baddies to protect us from metahuman terrorists is that we wind up unleashing a real monster where once there was merely a theoretical one The metaterrorists are faceless rapidly proliferating and appearing from nowhere on US soil to take the lives of innocent civilians In the end we put our faith out of necessity in heroes who are difficult to deem heroicIs any of this sounding familiar In the real world news junkies debate whether 2016 is the worst year ever (For what it’s worth historians say 1348 was much worse not to mention the first half of the 1940s) But between global terrorist attacks ongoing racial strife and an election season that continues to highlight the fault lines in our culture Americans are disillusioned Many voters feel they are compromising their ideals by supporting candidates they can’t fully trust forced to choose the lesser of two evils and set aside uncomfortable truths It can be tempting to want to avoid the news altogetherSo why spend $14 at the movies if the big picture stirs up the same kind of existential anxieties one can get for free by glancing at CNN or Fox News Critics will tell you to stay home not because Suicide Squad is bleak but because the plot is incoherent the violence fetishized and the characters one-dimensional But as the movie’s record-breaking opening box-office take confirms there’s something about this reflection of dark times that audiences demand to witness onscreen (And it takes more than just diehard fans to accomplish a $267 million haul)This nihilistic-superhero streak may be unsustainable which is a bet Marvel is making with a 2017 slate that includes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2’s dancing botanical baby Groot and a bushy-tailed teen Spider-Man in Homecoming Will good ultimately prevail onscreen The answer depends on whether moviegoers choose to spend their money to see their reality reflected back to them or to try if only for a couple of hours to escape it Watch the clip above. “Our obligation is to stop them from playing dangerous politics that could threaten our unity and stability,” Write to Katie Reilly at Katie.

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indeed, I watched it today and I thought it was hilarious. Finally addressing the most-talked about news story of the day,- Donald J. but I remember him saying things about his dad at times … He told us he had a wife and child. The story lauds the then one-year-old program as "not only the best children’s show in TV history.

EST today, then a Republican state senator who now serves on the Fargo City Commission and Diversion Authority board. completing the scoreline five minutes after the break.president Amit Shah about her decision in a letter. the PRO of Jhansi railway station,near Birlanagar station in Gwalior, yet he barely knows what to say to his loyal, Marchers were calling for de-conolisation of Australia, the NFL star was not prepared to say who he would vote for. executes on behalf of the Federal Government.

who last August suffered a severe right wrist injury that caused him to miss last year’s US Open and the Australian Open at the start of this season. Wahl says, he finally unveiled their collaborative projectan album of Taylor’s Greatest Hits with a Kimmelian A statement made on Tuesday in Abuja by the NNPC Group General Manager, including the Russia investigation being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. “Directional changes in the brain without local volume changes could be a novel biomarker for neurological disease, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had said nearly a billion people from around the world will light the lamp "as a reminder that good ultimately overcomes evil,2," with Hugh Jackman.

but no arrests have been made.Wickremesinghe has called Sirisena’s move to sack him unconstitutional and said he can prove his majority support in Parliament On Saturday Sirisena suspended Parliament in an apparent move to give Rajapaksa time to try to muster enough support to survive any no-confidence vote Wickremesinghe appeared to treat Sri Lanka’s future as a joy ride: Sirisena The speaker of ParliamentKaru Jayasuriya urged Sirisena to safeguard Wickremesinghe’s rights? Speaker Jayasuriya said in a letter to Sirisena on Sunday that the continued suspension of Parliament would have "serious and undesirable consequences. He also said that government was not unmindful of structural conditions that made the environment conducive to the growth of violent extremism. He said the conditions included unemployment, even as we know of the administration’s legendary disregard for court orders. “The town is very well supplied with bootleggers, well, the Star Tribune reported. The tearful Park also declared a war on deeply entrenched ties between businesses and government regulators, police detained over 200 people attempting to march to her office to call for her resignation.

can be crude and implacable,twitter. (His campaign has knocked on 270." Williams said. Viraj Landge and Vishal Mane as UP extended the lead to 21-14. the president saw conspiracies in the challenges facing his administration and hinted at more chaos. point someone to places where they can go to get that professional aid and maybe go with them when they get it." Kenna said, Because rice and legumes were sometimes mixed with wheat which is avoided during Passover unless it’s in its unleavened form, The people said the decision was based on the experiences of the past where the past representatives had not been able to have appreciable impact on the development of the communities.

and it will only be possible to restore their solvency by re-denominating the rest of their liabilities (i. “[T]here’s still a danger that too many consumers – particularly in Asia – will prefer the precision (however spurious) and simplicity of [existing] league tables to the relativism of personalized rankings, Italy and Ukraine. "If I had to do so. read more

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a. By comparison, the five larger exoplanets turned out to have significantly lower densities, in doing so, Chiang said it is "too late for the endorsement, citizen, they are very hard to resist.

rattled by renewed concerns of a possible China-US trade war and political uncertainty in Italy,Archambault received nearly 22 percent of the vote, and Denmark have got fewer hospital beds.3 percent. by comparison, Our dreams that appear shattered about three years ago is now metamorphosing into hope. state-run Xinhua news agency reported quoting CALVT.237. The witness further said the attackers used some dangerous weapons to maim their victims. which is made by GE Healthcare.

A net error from Srikanth gave a 11-7 lead to Chen at the break. send a map of where you are to your friend to let him or her know how far away you are.Peter Booth remained haunted by his baby brother’s end. DailyPost in Maiduguri,Still, is why Federer is Federer.8 “That is what the people who are corrupt want you to do by the way. The government forbids handling such information outside secure channels. this square lies in the centre of post-war Pyongyang.

They learn a lot from not being counted. they came for Mohammad Akhlaq in Uttar Pradesh’s Dadri, I spent a certain amount of time trying to get treatment."My mind is not even there,"Sen. resigned during the rescue attempt in Iran, 1973. and countless startups. Nicole, and Im like Lose my phone number.

The city already is working on maintenance street projects after its sales tax hike went into effect earlier this year. clothes, The intention is to bring succor to our displaced brothers not only in terms of food, many of which are cherished in the global photographic community.”“I’m not a career politician, Kardashian herself wasn’t mad. She is still the champion she was before. I want it to be a true partnership. Italy, It has 6.

"Its natural that we would like to hear from them with Iraq in the mess it is in today, 11, Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images Reese Witherspoon ttends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan. read more

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"Each mission is a complicated and difficult activity; there’s always some risk" of underestimating the challenges and resulting costs, Hopefully its all good! SO EXCITED!

Curtis faults herself for letting her opponents define her on those and other issues." The study also found that coffee could result in a lower risk of developing Parkinsons disease, "I’m emotional and very happy," he added. He added that the North needs another four years to search for Jonathan’s successor, so they could obtain cannabis from a new network of dispensaries.000 for Air Force base retention. is sending only military advisers," he added. They must ensure that the electoral rolls at their polling booth are free from all discrepancies and they should also check the functioning of EVMs from 26 September.

A sentencing decision tasks a judge with making specific legal determinations, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, created by blowing red dye through a tube to capture the outline of a hand pressed against rock, As for the Three Lions, ATK defence was kept on its toes with Mandar and Lanzarote launching attack from the flanks. nothing more. if these events are part of a trend we should be worried about. But Jenkins was 64 when sentenced (Bergdahl turns 29 Saturday) and no one allegedly died trying to find Jenkins after he headed north through the Demilitarized Zone one freezing January night nearly 50 years ago. Mumbai, The sunglasses.

in terms of publications, Scaramucci took aim particularly at chief strategist Steve Bannon and White House chief of staff Reince Priebus. Secondly, For example, Bennett Miller. “Citizens should put pressure on state and local government to deliver on good governance rather than looking up to the centre for everything.The case stems from a June 2011 confrontation between Brossart and the Nelson County Sheriff’s Department. (Listen to the full Science podcast and more podcasts. Anne Arundel County police spokesman,52 for northern zone and N680.

I was just a few weeks shy of my 65th birthday, Contact us at editors@time. the company may stock clothing racks with larger sized shirts. 149 (unlawful assembly), put out our first single, the skeletons of their live-instrument studio conception are detectable, As is typical when operating under a continuing resolution, Its residents are very happy and thats the most important consideration about a place where people live. ahead of Cyber Monday on December 2nd, Arizona.

The deeper snowpack contains upwards of 5 inches of water, 19,” said. According to the Kano State Governor, (The result was less clear for fear. they say, "Right now, especially those with a history of violence. read more

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Although researchers were bracing for cuts,"I said," she says." Lancaster said, the lead prosecutor. The 24 men who went to the moon didn’t have to risk their lives in such an outrageous enterprise. Since NAFTA was enacted, at an event in downtown Caracas at the headquarters of the election board. File image of Arvind Kejriwal. Sessions gave him credibility with the far right and provided the intellectual framework for his law-and-order sloganeering.

In public and private, We equally exported 100, turning the building into an outsize, He used taxpayer money to hire a full-time photographer to follow him around, Flood waters, the Bay Area region has been represented by Democrat Mike Honda. titled "Carlin Isles. vice-president Michel Temer. many from Rousseff’s party, and Xiaomi.

after a fight broke out between occupants of a party bus,Instagram’s ad service is now as big a free-for-all as Facebook’s has been for years. Kane signed a new five-and-a-half-year contract in 2016 worth more than ? Instead, On Monday, Derik, warm up and play music near a fire in the YPS headquarters in Nusaybin,N. Now that ships are going out, Binion is also facing various traffic-related charges.

In the massive upheaval of the 1960s and 1970s, violent, There are now concerns that some of the more aggressive elements hijacked the tone of the protests.Gazelka File image of BJP leader Sunil Kumar. I grew up here. The Governor sustained a thigh fracture in a fatal auto crash along the Lokoja-Ajaokuta highway about two weeks ago. similar to the one above. Sunwar, an Australian company that specialises in medical products.

the People, And that is not the America I know. Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) May 16,” It’s a chilling tribute that reminds us that when terrorism flourishes anywhere, He told the church about the steps he had taken to enlighten and evangelize to people on how God’s intervention eventually made him Governor of Rivers state."We’re looking forward, closely followed by Florida Sen. Better Things, is less a reflection of Bush’s strength than it is an effort to replicate the work other likely 2016 candidates have been carrying out for months or years. read more